IglooTA's SCP Laboratory

-revise the expedition log to be more consistent with the article proper
-make the hidden message in the note more obvious for readers/edit the note entirely
-consider rewriting to focus more on the character of 1-A and his efforts to escape his hunter?

- legos that, when stepped on — and /only/ when stepped on — fuse permanently to the bottom of your foot (and begin turning you into lego from within?) (probably stupid)
-dear mr. spider:
-the basic idea is that it's an entity that goes by the name "mr. spider". the foundation hasn't even physically seen it, but they've learned about it through letters it's written to a child who went missing not long after. the letters imply that the child was living in an abusive household and that mr. spider effectively took her away, but the foundation doesn't even know /where/ it is at first
-until they discover a letter addressed to them from the SCP sticking out of a crack in the girl's bedroom wall. so the foundation writes letters to it in turn in an effort to communicate with it and through it all it's ambiguous as to /what/ he's done with the girl and whether he took her away out of genuine sympathy or whether it was all a trick
-i'm kind of leaning towards the end result of mr. spider being malevolent, with the idea that he's gone through this song and dance many times before
-preying upon vulnerable children by sending letters to give them some false hope that they have someone to confide in
-before taking them when they're at their most desperate and snuffing any of that hope out for good
-i'm also considering the idea of him just being able to manifest wherever there's weaknesses in the walls, and that's how he finds and observes his prey
-right now my main idea is basically a spider but…/not/. like a bunch of completely different animals mashed together and mangled into the vague shape of a spider
-personality-wise i'm not fully decided. he's very polite in his initial letters, generally behaving like an parent telling a story to a child, describing his otherwise frightening appearance in a fantastical and whimsical manner. altogether pretty affable and friendly.

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