Please Don't Touch
Item #: SCP-3123

Object Class: Euclid

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-3123-1 can be kept safely in a standard 10x10 humanoid prison cell, as it currently shows no apparent powers that can aid in its escape. A single guard will suffice, as long as (s)he never comes within 5 feet of the bars. The anomaly has no apparent memetic effect, and is vulnerable to anything a normal human is. However, much about this anomaly is still unknown, so it should be constantly monitored by closed-circuit camera and have at least one guard watching it directly. A separate guard can be employed to make visual contact with the first. In the case of a security breach, security procedure REDWING should be activated.

Description: SCP-3123 is a microscopic parasite that infects an individual and reprograms their cells. The parasite invades host cells and causes them to reproduce copies of the parasite, destroying them in the process. However, the parasite also hijacks the cell cycle, causing new cells to be created almost as fast as they are destroyed. However, this quality does not lead to any special regenerative properties of SCP-3123-X. Although curable in the early stages, infected individuals are typically asymptomatic until the very late stages, making successful treatments rare.

The parasite also produces another layer of skin over the epidermis. This additional layer is very fragile, and breaks upon touching. The space between it and the epidermis is filled with larvae of 3123, making it highly infectious. A single touch can lead to a full infection, but can be treated early.

In the late stages, an individual will stop needing nourishment or any form of material substance. It is unknown how it functions. The personality is wiped, as the entire frontal cortex has been melted down. The human is now a mindless drone. Herein, the human is referred to as SCP-3123-X.

SCP-3123-X instances will move mindlessly towards uninfected humans. It is unknown how they differentiate between uninfected between infected. It has been hypothesized that there is some sort of hive mind. Upon contact, they will quickly touch as much as the uninfected human's skin as possible, to accelerate the early stages. They will then incapacitate the human, typically with blunt force to the head or torso. They possess no abnormal strength, making fighting back possible, but useless as you are already infected.

SCP-3123-1 is the current host of SCP-3123. It is currently in Foundation custody and is the only known infected human in the world. It is a human male, standing 5'10. His identity is unknown, as his face is scarred. It is unknown if this was before or after his infection. DNA is not present in any cells, raising questions about how complex the parasite is. Fingerprinting is impossible, as any human that enters his cell is quickly attacked. He was part of the massive infection at [DATA EXPUNGED], first attracting Foundation attention as an entire town ceasing communications with the outside world almost overnight. After learning how the infection was spread, Mobile Task Force Sigma-44 "Germophobes" was dispatched and successfully eradicated the town's infected population. The rest were eradicated to cover up the town. It was explained as a gas line that exploded and spread fire through the town.