CAN = Confirmed Abnormal Nexus
CART = Concrete Anomaly- Ready to Transport


Thing: SCP-X X X X

Thing Class: Safe

Keep Thing In Rules: SCP X X X X can only be said to be safe; this is a lie. SCP 4 X X X is not safe.

What Thing Is: SCP-X X X X is a large bee-like thing that first came to be in the third month of the year three years ago, in the bath room of a home in New York, New York. One can not use words more than one sound to say things that are true or false of SCP 4 X X X in any way This has made the act of Keep Thing In hard, as SCP 4 X X X can only said to be Safe. This has led to the Keep Thing In Rules to fail at least ten times in the last three years.

SCP 4 X X X can make things that are not it act like it by use of its sting. If a live thing is stung by SCP 4 X X X, it will swell up like a normal bee sting. After one to four days, one can not talk in any way of the thing that was stung.

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