CAN = Confirmed Abnormal Nexus
CART = Concrete Anomaly- Ready to Transport


Item #: SCP-3xxx

Object Class: Safe

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-3xxx is to be kept in a climate-controlled coffin in Reliquary Site-25. Due to ethical concerns, no testing is to be carried out using SCP-3xxx; results of previous tests, and all material recovered with it, are available for the perusal of all members of site personnel.

While SCP-3xxx does not constitute a known biohazard unless consumed, individuals working in the biomass storage wing of Reliquary Site-25 are to undergo regular nutritional health screenings, and are subject to random monitoring of their caloric intake over a 72 hour period.

Description: SCP-3xxx refers to the remains of a human male of French descent who died circa 1798. Upon containment, SCP-3xxx's left leg was missing, believed to have been separated from their cadaver and consumed some time between 1800 and 1815.

SCP-3xxx shows incredible amounts of deformation in the abdominal cavity and mandibles, suggesting that several organs and pieces of tissue were displaced or deformed in life. Records from 1798 indicate that in life, SCP-3xxx had a massively deformed digestive tract to the point that the stomach could be viewed through the esophagus— though no exact measurements were taken at the time, modern estimates are that SCP-3xxx's stomach was approximately seven times the size of an average human's.

SCP-3XXX's anomalous properties manifest when an individual prepares part of the remains as a meal intended for human consumption; in its current state, the most viable way to prepare a meal from SCP-3xxx is as ingredients for a broth. Individuals who consume this meal show signs of a unique severe compulsive eating disorder, dubbed by DeWeese, LaPerle, et al as "Gastromania Universalis".

Individuals who suffer from Gastromania Universalis report an intense hunger, and will attempt to consume any material that can be fit into their mouths, edible or inedible. Subjects appear to have a slightly increased metabolic rate as a result of massive, forced caloric intake, often consuming in excess of 100,000kcal per day of edible material, and several cubic meters of inedible material. As a result, extreme physiological changes will occur.

  • The facial cheeks of the subjects will greatly distend to the point where each cheek is capable of holding approximately 3L3 of matter.
  • The stomach and esophagus will greatly distend as a result of the sheer volume of matter consumed; as an indirect result, some inedible materials may settle in the stomach and act as gastroliths, even if non-mineral in nature. Observed gastrolithic materials have included shards of bone, metals that do not fully dissolve in the gastric acid, various bezoars of hair, fur and fingernails, undigested plastic, and in one case, dissolved silicon from the consumption of several cell phones.
  • The subject's lower abdomen will distend greatly, but will not retain mass, and instead result in large flaps of skin hanging off of their torso; testing has shown that some intestinal matter will have distended into these flaps.
  • Gastric acid present in the stomach will decrease in average pH from 1.5-3.5 to approximately 1.0-1.5 due to the consumption of inedible, possibly toxic materials. While still in relatively normal range for stomach acid, subjects will suffer from severe, albeit treatable, acid reflux. As a result of the decrease in pH and the subsequent reflux, the subject will start emitting a foul, acidic odor from their nose and mouth.

Several studies over the course of ten years have determined that the physical symptoms of Gastromania Universalis is not inherently anomalous, and have the potential to manifest, albeit in less extreme forms, in individuals with non-anomalous binge eating disorders.

SCP-3xxx was discovered following the discovery of several malformed corpses dated to the early 1800s embedded in the walls of a house in Versailles, France. Originally treated as an archaeological curiosity, one of the individuals interred was found to have apparently swallowed a box of yew wood containing a solid gold fork, several metacarpals and metatarsals that are believed to have belonged to at least two six-month-old infants, a piece of bone that has since been identified as being part of SCP-3xxx's left ankle, and a small, leather book with writing by an "M. Duveaux", last dated to 1815. The contents of this book are reproduced below, fully translated.

The box itself was covered in intricate carvings depicting an unknown being with the head of an unknown, unnamed entity with the head of a rodent, portrayed in the style of murals dating to the Middle Kingdom of Egypt. This entity, referred to as "Ipenewat" in the text of the journal, is shown consuming several corpses and leaving behind individuals whose appearance is consistent with deformations resultant from Gastromania Universalis.

Furthermore, the box was found to have large amounts of hemlock oil soaked into the wood— while mostly evaporated, the amount present upon the box when it was originally consumed would have proved fatal within less than three hours.

WARNING: Graphic Content Within. Personnel Who Are Uncomfortable With Explicit Text and Imagery Involving Mutilation, Torture, and Death May Read The Summary Below.

The Journal of M. Duveaux

Electronic copy below as per Federal Records Act

UIU File 1958-092: Codename: Edison

Summary: Subject is deceased, no body remaining. Five FBI operatives killed in confrontation with subject's allies at Thorston, Kentucky. All members of opposing force deceased, all technology confiscated and placed into storage.

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