CAN = Confirmed Abnormal Nexus
CART = Concrete Anomaly- Ready to Transport


Item #: SCP-XXXX

Object Class: Euclid

Special Containment Procedures:

Description: SCP-xxxx refers to a series of anomalous image and text boards which manifests on "*chan" websites1. SCP-xxxx instances are only accessible by the moderative staff on their respective *chan websites; attempting to enter the board without admin or moderator privileges, even with Foundation resources, results in total system failure of the device attempting access.

The content of each individual SCP-XXXX instance varies from website to website, and appears to have a distinct theme, based on the name of the particular board.

SCP-XXXX-1 is found on the 5channel textboard, and designated on the website as "/acedia/". As images are largely not used on 2channel, posts on SCP-XXXX-1 consist of text describing the death and current state of an individual who died of neglect, whether it be the neglect of themselves or due to the neglect of another. The vast majority of these detail the deaths of Japanese citizens, many of whom have been missing for upwards of six months.

Excerpts from SCP-XXXX-1:

SCP-XXXX-2 is found on 4chan, designated as "/superbia/". Images on here largely catalog the exploits of individuals found within the larger internet's 'incel'2 community, largely consisting of acts of violence and long, rambling rants detailing the reasons that they believe they are involuntarily celibate. This is the only board on 4chan in which posting anonymously is prohibited; all posts are made by accounts with names corresponding to members of the incel community, both living and dead. Posts with the names of dead users are accompanied by images of their last known location.

Excerpts from SCP-XXXX-2:

> Be me
> 24 & Beta AF
> Try to get a 9 to like me
> Hangs out with some Chad fuck who totally hates her
> Don't care, wanna smash
> Follow the Chad home
> Assert my dominance by pulling out my butterfly knife
> Chad calls the cops
> I stab him
> 9/10 comes home, I tell her I love her
> She stabs me in the gut
> Die a virgin
> Forever a cuck
> Forced to post my sins on a secret board for all eternity.
> All because I died to a fucking thot

At least u died a virgin

Dying doing sex is way fucking worse

SCP-XXXX-3 is found on 8chan, and is designated "/ira/". SCP-XXXX commonly reposts content that is found on other 8chan forums, particularly content related to mass shootings, suicides, and other incidents that have resulted in one or more deaths, including the death of the aggressor. Photographs of the aggressor, appearing at the moment of their death, are commonly found on this forum. Several threads are also ported from other boards such as /pol/.

SCP-xxxx-4 is found on u18chan3, and is designated "/luxuria/". SCP-XXXX-3 contains images of both known and suspected sexual predators, living and dead, including several users of u18chan. Images of deceased individuals appear to never have been taken, and often depict them in positions in which their faces and sexual organs are being mutilated by metal tools that appear to be burning white hot.

Three further boards— /avaricia/, /gula/ and /invidia/— are speculated to exist on other image and textboards, but have not been located. It is believed that /gula/ is located somewhere on the Sarknet4 , possibly on 128chan5.

SCP-XXXX-A refers to a subreddit which collates accounts from all SCP-XXXX instances, publicly designated as "r/hellis4channers".

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