Ihpkmn's Talebox 2

The Reconstructed Temple of Kythera-On-The-Lake
Approximately Two Miles above Southern Russia
January 2019

Robert Bumaro stood in front of his anvil, a hammer clenched in his hand. This was, admittedly, mostly for the sake of show— the item he was forging could have been molded just as easily with his own two metal hands. Though they had a spidery appearance, his enemies knew all too well of their strength.

Upon the anvil, he placed a white-hot ingot, and raised his hammer. "We are beings of three ages." The hammer met the ingot with a clang. "Bronze." Clang. "Brass." Clang. "Silicon." Clang. "All among us have rejected the material— the world of Yaldabaoth. All of us have chosen to ascend into Her light." Clang. The head of a hammer took shape upon the anvil.

"We have our differences— ideological, technological, generational." St. Hedwig of the Church of Maxwellism now spoke. From the tips of her fingers, filaments formed themselves into a structure that would join the hammer's head and its shaft. No printer could accomplish what her fingers were doing, joining together strings of material atoms thick. "Some of us view WAN as being in the aether, others view her relics as parts of her. But we are all in agreement that this is the year the Flesh overtakes the world. Unless we do something to stop it."

On a lathe, Legate Trunnion, her face covered by a large brass mask, machined the shaft. "And do something we shall. Mekhane's summoning last century ended poorly.