IIGunnerII Sandbox 1

From O5 command: If you read this, you can do any test with the agreement of all O5 Members as Typed below, Beware:the image will cause a ZK-class reality failure scenario of all reality if shared with any others, and any readings shared will cause a EK-class undefined scenario

This is an old sandbox. please read the new ones with the tag that starts with iigunnerii on sandbox 3



Object Class:Hinvox (Very Low Containment Difficulty/Super High Threat/ Esoteric Object Class)

Special Containment Procedures:Keep in containment area at all times, and do not cross test with other SCPs, any researchers to go in a radius of 3 miles of SCP-XXX1 must pay $24.32 or have Acceptance for testing from O5 members, if neither is given, then researcher will get [DATA WOULD ANGER SCP-XXX1 and we would not want that], That is all we really need for SCP-XXX1