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Item #: SCP-XXXX

Object Class: Safe

Special Containment Procedures: All known instances of SCP-xxxx are contained in a locker at Site-19 for further study and potential weaponization by the Foundation. POI-9399 and POI-6926 are permanently incarcerated in low-priority containment at Site-17 on the recommendation of Dr. Allison Taylor. To prevent them from utilizing SCP-xxxx's anomalous properties to escape, they have been given a unique memetic kill agent set to activate if they travel more than 1km away from their containment zone.

Description: SCP-xxxx refers to a set of seventeen plastic badges sporting the logo of [REDACTED] College and the slogan 'Vote [REDACTED]1 for Student Council 2018!' across a background of the school's colors. These items were found in the possession of Pete Greenwood and Aaron Blount, later designated POI-9399 and POI-6926 respectively.

According to POI-9399, instances of SCP-xxxx respond to a specific set of thaumatic kinetographs which, when performed correctly, allow for a series of anomalous events to take place.2 The type of kinetograph performed determines which unique instance the user appears next to. POI-6926 demonstrated this procedure for researchers under controlled testing conditions in exchange for a lighter sentence,3 though no record of any such offer was recorded.


Interviewed: POI-9399

Interviewer: Dr. White

Foreword: After her interview with POI-9399 produced little but sexual remarks and racial slurs, Dr. Taylor transferred the patient to Dr. White in the hopes that her male colleague would succeed where she did not. Dr. White did successfully conduct several interviews with POI-9399, a sample of which is included below.

<Begin Log>

Dr. W████: And why do you think your girlfriend felt that way?

POI-9399: Because she's a thot.4 It's been scientifically proven that women are sluts who can't stay faithful. That's not Aaron's fault. Rose was gonna cheat one way or another.

Dr. W████:

POI-9399: [speech]

Dr. W████: [speech]

POI-9399: [speech]

Dr. W████: [speech]