SCP-(to be determined) im garry

SCP-(to be determined) Thaumiel-class ‘the human battery;

A 12 year old male entity with white skin color and short blonde hair. It is almost entirely obedient to our commands and acts child like around staff and in general. His brain operates at approximately 500 percent faster than an average adult.

SCP-(to be determined) is allowed to freely roam the facility allowed access to class 1 and 2 areas, SCP-(to be determined) is not allowed out of his cell at night. Otherwise there are no restrictions.

it claims to have the power to destroy planets but this is unknown. its one unexplained power is to read minds. tests have been conducted on multiple scp's some scps have attempted to escape containment while it was in the area. this may be beacause some sense the energy and react in fear. this SCP has a strong relaton to SCP-999, SCP-999 seems to act abnormaly exited and dog like when SCP-(to be determined) is in the facilaty.

SCP-(to be determined) is commonly used to attack and contain escaped SCP’s of EUCLID/KETER level. It has little risk to expose the SCP foundation.
It has an incredibly high amount of electricity in it, it can focus the electricity into any part of it's body, this generates intense heat causing an layer of plasma to form around him. His self-made equipment that uses the SCP’s energy to power electromagnets so he can throw it like an projectile dealing heavy damage to terrain and target. we currently do not know where this energy comes from
SCP-(to be determined) uses his own energy to power his devices and the electromagnets. he considers himself an engineer.

This SCP is researched by dr Alexander and dr samantha, they are currently replicating its power with technology. tests have shown it can power machines and can give instructions but it ormaly just blows it up…

He was located during one of SCP-096 Incidents at [DATA REDACTED] and [DATA REDACTED] fighting to protect an innocent family who activated SCP-096. SCP-096 attacks were useless against (to be determined).
After SCP-096 started to tire, SCP-(to be determined) threw an pulse of plasma at SCP-096 head blasting it's head of and an few moments later it regenerated and moved on to another target, then SCP-(to be determined) was detained.