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REALLY IMPORTANT NOTICE READ THIS NOW: You must contact the original owner of the image when you take it down. You should not be simply sending the info to the original author to do so. Some of these authors are inactive, and then we'll never get to see these images again. -weizhong

Project Inspirational Quote: "For the pleader who prefers a voiceless picture to speak for him instead of his own eloquence must be singularly incompetent." -Quintiian

Important Notice: Please contact the author of the SCP's of the images that you take down. People are complaining that they're getting blind-sided by the image deletion with little to no notice. Also, the standard format for a notice in the discussion forums has been updated, since some people thought that they were getting punished for not using images properly. -weizhong

NOTICE: we now have a better way to review images. See the following pages:

If you have questions about this, contact anqxyr in chat or through wikidot pms.

Another thing - The only image we're treading lightly around right now is 173. If any other well known articles have image violations, they're to be treated the same as any other article.

We're going to go through and comb the whole SCP list to make sure that every image follows CC guidelines, and if not, to remove it and make a plan from there.

When you remove it, be sure to contact the original owner of the image, and ask for permission to use it. In the meantime, leave the image down.

Before you check the copyright, post the numbers of the SCP's that you're going to review for copyright violations, in this format:

You can check whether or not an image is CC with tineye. If it's definitely CC, or has been so widely distributed over the web that nobody owns it, or there is some other way where the image is definitely not owned by some entity, then it stays. Please note any borderline cases on this page - Roget

Important-ish: Also, Google has a search by image feature (see here). It isn't as accurate as tineye, but it gets much more results. I just found that SCP-900's image was copyrighted, when no results had popped up for Tineye, so please search with google images as well. -Accel

Useful tip: if you aren't sure that what you found is the original source of the image, try searching by date. First, note when the page that you suspect is the image's origin was created. Many pages include this information somewhere at the bottom in tiny-tiny font. If not, Google and Tineye may also list the date they first crawled the page, which is good enough. Now, go to the Google's page that shows matching images, and press "Search tools" -> "Time" -> "Custom range…". Set "From" to 1/1/1900 and "To" to the date your suspect page was created. If you get 0 results, then your page is probably the original source of the image.

Form Letters

This should be in a PM to the author

The image in one of your articles (SCP-[]) was removed for not adhering to CC license. I contacted the owners of the image (link), asking for a permission to use it. In case they respond positively, the image will be reinstated. You can read more about the currently ongoing image review here: In case you have any further question, you can contact me, or a member of the Image Team.

Goes on the discussion page
SCP-X's image was removed because we could not properly determine whether or not the image was properly licensed or attributed. It may be added once again if/when proper attribution or proper use under CC guidelines is confirmed. Please contact (INSERT YOUR NAME HERE) or another member of the Image Team if you have questions.

  • We should probably add a link to the image's source, if the author wants ta do some investigating. -Accel


Hello, my name is [INSERT UR NAME HURR], and I'm a member of the Images Team for the SCP Foundation ( a collaborative online writing website that focuses around stories and articles written about fictional supernatural events.

Recently, it came to our attention that one of the images being used on our site originally belongs to you. We have taken the image down in the meantime, but we'd like to have permission to use your image in the future. Can we use your image under a CC By-SA 3.0 license? If not, we will keep the image down, permanently, no questions asked.

Thank you for your time,




Reserved Blocks

Remember to note the original source that an image came from when you delete it.

SCP Block: SCP-XXXX to SCP-XXXX -Guy who did it

001 to 099 - All 001 proposals checked -weizhong; 002-050 Vince-WIP
100 to 199 - 100-150 Devereaux (redoing) 151-199 -weizhong Done
200 to 299 - 200-225 Waterfire Done.
300 to 399 - 300-399 InsipidParoxysm, WIP
400 to 499 - 400-449 anqxyr Done; 450-499 anqxyr Done
500 to 599 - 500-549 anqxyr Done; 550-599 anqxyr Done
600 to 699 - 600-649 weizhong WIP
700 to 799 -
800 to 899 -
900 to 999 -
1000 to 1099 - 1000-1049 anqxyr Done; 1050-1099 anqxyr WIP
1100 to 1199 -
1200 to 1299 -
1300 to 1399 -
1400 to 1499 -
1500 to 1599 -
1600 to 1699 -
1700 to 1799 -
1800 to 1899 -
1900 to 1999 -
Down to 2000 -
Joke SCPs - Faminepulse [I suggest -J's be done last, along with heritage articles due to their usually being reliant on images. The bug -J for example would be wrecked.]
Archived SCPs - Fantem
Decommissioned SCPs - (locked to non-staff)
Explained SCPs - Fantem
Members Pages - Roget

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Our Glorious Leader: RogetRoget

His Second in Command: weizhongweizhong

The Guy Who's Supposed to Maintain This List: DevereauxDevereaux

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