"Pulse Pigeons"

Item #: SCP-XXXX

Object Class: Euclid

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-XXXX specimens are contained in a 20m by 20m by 50m cage of an experimental reinforced rubber-hybrid compound. The cage is located in Lot 4 at Site ██. It has 18 different NC-8 gas pipelines distributed throughout for the Neutralization Gas Injection System if needed. Its inside is engineered to mimic the subject’s fertile home environment; despite chosen procedure, like their kin the subjects are still capable of adapting to most other climates as well.

The specimens should be fed the same as others of their clade; seeds, fruits, and small plants are all satisfactory.

Experimenting is only to be done with the authorization of at least one (1) level 4 personnel. When experimenting there needs to be at least five (5) Class-2 snipers positioned around the cage. Those experimenting, as well as the snipers must wear specialized suits made of the cage’s same hybrid material. Specialized gas masks are kept in nearby emergency equipment hubs on the north and south walls in case of use the NGIS. Use of thermal-vision scanning equipment is fully authorized due to the cage’s thick and woodland like environment.

If SCP-XXXX subjects were to escape their cage and evade sniper tranquilization fire then there is automatic and full authorization to use the surrounding NGIS. Due to SCP-XXXX’s anomalous and perhaps beneficial properties, kill-fire is only approved as a last resort.

In the case of transportation, subjects are to be placed in small and insulated containers specifically designed for safe carrying of SCP-XXXX.

Description: SCP-XXXX is a small flock of 13 Columba livia, or Rock Doves, that are completely physically alike to others of their kind. The subjects appeared to be flying together around ███ ████ city for at least a few years before being taken into Foundation custody; this mainly assumed from early accounts of anomalous encounters and phenomenon around their habitat and recurring flight path in the recent past. It is assumed that at one point there were many more.

When flying, SCP-XXXX appears to form “Grids” or formations that seem to trigger their anomalous abilities; this first spotted when an entire Boeing 747 was taken down as it flew over the city of ██████ on ██/██/20██. The pilots’ last radio transmission reported that they and the flight crew had spotted a formation of birds emitting an odd glow surrounding the plane. Moments later the plane crashed and everyone aboard was killed immediately on impact. Upon examining the wreckage, it was determined that all electrical equipment had either been overloaded or completely shut down just before impact and after the interrupted transmission.

SCP-XXXX doesn't appear to be hostile towards humans, despite taking down an alleged 17 more planes since the first documented incident. The subject’s aggressive behavior seems to only be triggered when its natural habitat is invaded by another flying object, as demonstrated with remote air drones sent into the cage.

While there appears to be multiple “Grids” the subjects will take on to clear their airspace, none of the grids appear to be unique to the others in terms of effect. The electromagnetic field that is created can be strengthened or weakened with the addition or subtraction of subjects into the grid. Individual subjects of SCP-XXXX have been observed to produce charges as high as [DATA EXPUNGED] Together, they can create fields with strengths of [DATA EXPUNGED] When agitated with miniature aerial drones outside of the cage, the collective of SCP-XXXX can also band together and expand a field outwards - Because of this automated turrets were discouraged out of fear of malfunction. However, the field only goes approximately 80m before fading out and appears to be slightly weaker than a collectively generated internal field.

How SCP-XXXX creates their charges as well as understands how to is still under research, although it is hypothesized that [DATA EXPUNGED] Because of this, it is understood that perhaps the use of [DATA EXPUNGED] the Foundation may be able to harness their power.

Addendum XXXX-01: The Boeing 747 incident was one of a kind for SCP-XXXX, as since then the planes that have allegedly crashed due to their anomalous powers have all been small and medium sized planes. It is estimated that when the jumbo jet was taken down, the flock was at least numbered in the hundreds. Since then the flock's numbers have shrunk, and some of the planes taken down were even capable of being restarted after falling out of SCP-XXXX’s grid.

Addendum XXXX-02: A few of the researchers as well as corresponding snipers have reported intense migraines after aerial drone experimentation with SCP-XXXX. It is hypothesized that the SCP-XXXX's electrical pulses may distort brain wave activity with long term exposure. As of now there have been no more reported possible side effects.