The Bible

Item #: SCP-3140

Object Class: Euclid

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-3140 is to be stored in a 0.3m x 0.3m x 0.3m airtight glass container and is to be under video surveillance at all times. No personnel are to enter the containment chamber until approval by higher clearance.

Description: SCP-3140 resembling a Holy Bible from the early 1800's. The title, "Holy Bible", is faded and is made out of thin clay originating in [DATA EXPUNGED]. The paper has a slight tint of red on the edge, and secretes a dusty smell that seems familiar to any subject to smell SCP-3140. This smell will "draw in" people who have smelled it. Anybody who sees the bible, even in photos, video, and artist's depictions, will have a strong urge to read it. Any subject to read SCP-3140 will exhibit signs of extreme happiness and joy, and in the stage of first opening is the only stage when the subject can be removed from SCP-3140. If removal does not occur, the subject is then known as SCP-3140-1.

When viewing the first words, SCP-3140-1 will begin to [DATA EXPUNGED] and giggle. SCP-3140-1 will then go through a cycle of reading SCP-3140 for days and, in some cases, weeks. After about 450-500 cycles of non-stop reading, SCP-3140-1 will begin to laugh manically and tear the bible apart. This shows to be ineffective, every rip slowly "regenerates". SCP-3140-1 will then begin to scream and tear at their own veins and arteries, causing death from blood loss and trauma. Subjects rot exceptionally fast, and exhibit signs of life more than 3 hours after "death". Research behind SCP-3140 is ongoing and is currently being decided by the O5 council if tests should continue.

Audio of incident 3140

Dr. ████: Please enter the containment chamber.

D-3313: Why would i want to enter the room with Satan himself?

Dr. ████: Just enter the container, 3313.

D-3313: Fine… you just better lock me in here or were about have somthin' bad to happen…

Dr. ████: What do you… Just pick up the book.

Dr. ████: D-3313. Pick up the book or you will be terminated.

Dr. ████ PICK UP THE BOO- loud crashing can be heard from the containment cell followed by all lights going out

Dr. ████: D-3313? Shit… over radio I need 3 MTF teams to report to SCP-3140's containment chamber A S A P. We could possibly have a containment breach.

Unknown from SCP-3140: You have made a big mistake… deep laughter

Dr. ████: I need heavy containment locked down and an immediate evacuation team now. SCP-314- static and deep crashes and rumbles

MTF Unit 4: Dr. ████? Were here and there's been lots o' crashin' on this front blast door.

MTF Unit 4: Reporting to command. Requesting 3140 to be re-classed as Keter. The book is lying on the floor with massive damage to nearly everything around it.

<End log>

After incident 3140 the O5 council is voting to have SCP-3140 to be re-classed as Keter. Decision is pending.