Monster In The Mirror

Item #: SCP-3153

Object Class: Keter

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-3153 is to be kept in the lower part of site [REDACTED] in a 5.1m and 2.7m bathroom that no one can look into. The bathroom can only be accessed by level 4 and above. If SCP-3153 is spotted out of containment you must look away from the mirror and pick it up and face away at your chest so nobody see's their reflection, once back at its containment cell you must place back on the wall without looking at the mirror. Do not remove SCP-3153 from its containment cell, if found looking at SCP-3153 unsupervised that person must be interrogated then sprayed with amnestics the entire site must enter a full lock down to prevent SCP-3153-1 from escaping. All security units must be stationed at all check points to check ID's. If SCP-3153-1 is found it must be terminated immediately.

Description: SCP-3153 is a bathroom mirror that is 4 inches tall and 24 inches wide, the mirror has gems around each corner. The mirror must be placed on the wall above the sink to keep the mirror from falling. SCP-3153 was discovered by Mobile Task Force [REDACTED]. SCP-3153 can not move on its own and if found out of place or on the ground it must be placed back to its normal place. If a person does not put SCP-3153 is the correct spot it will start to glow red and the person has only ten (10) seconds to place it back to normal or else they will fall to ground dead with blue liquid coming out of their eyes, mouth, ears, and nose.

SCP-3153-1: SCP-3153-1 was discovered during a mass containment breach when security personal found two of the exact same researchers fighting each other, both were detained and questioned and both were ask the same questions in separate room at different times both researchers answered the exact same thing until both were brought to a mirror and SCP-3153-1 reflection did not appear. SCP-3153-1 took a weapon from an armed security guard and killed both the security officer and the researcher until then going on a rampage of killing to escape site [REDACTED] and released several SCPs in the process before being shot down by Mobile Task Force.