Infernal furnace

Object class: Euclid

Security clearance: 2

Special Containment Procedures:
The infernal furnace is to be contained in 2 meter thick steel wall around the furnace, access only permitted during testing.

If anything unusual is to happen then immediately contact Dr.███████████


The infernal furnace was found in a large crater on ██/██/2001 by Dr.███████████

The infernal furnace is mainly made of a substance identified as "obsidian" bordered with an unidentifiable red bricks lining it. It is a perfect 3x3x3 meter cube, Inside it contains a pool of thick red liquid, thought to be lava. all attempts to extract and amount of the substance has been met with damaged tools as the liquid nearly instantly melted through them *.

  • see Addendum 1

The infernal furnace has a hole in the top of it exposing the red thick liquid inside.
There are 3 slots in each side without a hole, presumed to be used for attachment to different devices. The front hole shows fiery eyes staring ahead, the area around the furnace radiates with warmth.

Addendum 1
Dr.███████████ requested a attempt to extract some of the liquid for future testing.
Request accepted.

All tools used to extract the liquid has proven futile, as all objects inserted into the liquid melt within seconds, and a few seconds after the initial melting a small metal ingot rolled out of the front opening. the ingot was identified as the melted parts of the tools.

Addendum 2
Dr.██████ requested the insertion of various metals into the Infernal furnace simultaneously.
Request accepted.

Dr.██████ tossed 10 grams copper, 10 grams iron, 5 gram gold.

As expected shortly afterward 4 metal ingots rolled out, one significantly smaller then the rest.

1. 10-gram copper ingot; pure throughout.
2. 10-gram iron ingot; pure throughout.
3. 5-gram gold ingot; pure throughout.
4. 1-gram gold nugget; pure throughout

During the "smelting" the heat around the front of the furnace rose significantly, one class-D personnel was placed in front of the furnace during smelting. No physical effects except for expected effects of being near a really hot object.

The infernal furnace does not appear to draw from any apparent energy source, making it thought to be infinite in its ability to smelt objects.

All ingots that have been passed through the infernal furnace have come out entirely pure, sometimes yielding extra bits. There seems to be no limit to the amount being smelted, as long as it fits through the hole.

Addendum 3
Dr.███████ requested that they test the affect of the furnace on living material.
Request accepted.

1. A lab mouse was dropped into the furnace by Dr.███████, the mouse walked out of the front of the furnace unharmed. all tests show the mouse has not changed whatsoever.

2. A bunny was dropped into the furnace by Dr.███████, the bunny was plopped out of the front of the furnace unharmed. all tests show that the bunny was unchanged.

3. A Class-D personnel was forcibly placed into the furnace by 2 security officers under the supervision of Dr.███████, Afterwards the furnace ████ █ ███████ ████ ██ █████ ██ Dr.███████.

Tests stopped as Dr.███████ was hospitalized and requested they stop the experimentation with organic matter.

Addendum 4
Dr.███████████ Requested the insertion a large amount of unrefined iron to see its limits to the refinery of metals.
Request accepted.

Dr.███████████ inserted 20 pounds of unrefined iron ore.

1. 4 5-pound iron ingots; pure throughout each showing no changes beside the absence of all other minerals.
2. 1 pound iron nugget; pure throughout.

After the outputs, a large amount of purple liquid fell upwards from the infernal furnace, and began to melt the steel ceiling. all personnel were evacuated from the chamber.

Dr.██████████ has named this liquid "taint", because he theorizes it must be the leftover minerals changed in some chemical reaction after the metal ore was "smelted".

Four security officers were posted outside the Infernal furnaces containment chamber, and two class-D personnel were given hazmat suits and various tools, they were instructed to collect the taint in multiplecontainers.

1. iron bucket
2. copper bucket
3. plastic Tupperware
4. tin bucket
5. glass tube
6. hands

When taint was collected in the iron bucket, the iron absorbed into it. tests on the bucket show that the bucket is no longer pure, and is brittle.

When taint was collected in the copper bucket it showed the same results; the copper became brittle and cracked.

When the taint contacted the plastic it melted through .

When it was collected in a tin bucket it showed the same results as the copper and iron, it became impure even though none of this type of metal was "smelted"

The glass tube contained the taint was just fine, without any effects on the glass.

When one of the class-D personnel removed their hazmat suits and attempted to touch the liquid, he instantly began screaming and fell over falling into a fetal position. A large amount of taint was absorbed by him. The class-D personnel was placed in quarantine.

36 hours after absorbing the liquid, his hair began falling out and he became agressive. After termination, the liquid was seen leaking out of his mouth and nose.

Documentation of taint