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SCP-XXX in State Y form

Item #: SCP-XXX

Object Class: Euclid

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-XXX is to be kept in a ventilated receptacle held within a 4m x 4m containment chamber with at least 10in of fireproofing upon all surfaces. Necessities include one television for pre-recorded shows to play on loop and a single radio cassette player with specific genres.1

At least once or twice out of the week, a single D-Class personnel is required to enter SCP-XXX's chamber and provide entertainment classified as Procedure XXX-Rhythm.2 D-Class personnel who have expressed enjoyment in entertaining SCP-XXX are allowed to volunteer for multiple visits.

Description: SCP-XXX is a visible entity of gas believed to be made up of pure hydrogen, reaching 2m x 2m in height and width and remaining in a spherical form at all times. SCP-XXX has demonstrated two different physical forms depending on its temperament. These forms have been classified as State X and State Y. 

State X is the spherical gas form occurring when SCP-XXX remains in a fair temperament by receiving the required necessities as needed. When in State X, SCP-XXX is benign and non-threatening toward staff.

Forms of acceptable entertainment provided by personnel staff have included:

  • Humor3
  • Telling of jokes
  • Music
  • Rhythmic movement of the body4

SCP-XXX has displayed the ability to change the color of its own gas to a sequence of different alternating bright shades when in supreme temperament depending on the entertainment provided. SCP-XXX is mostly content with only music and televised programs but will show disinterest at least one or two days out of the week, and will request further entertainment from staff in person, starting up Procedure XXX-Rhythm. In extreme cases, the use of strobe lights have been proven to be severely efficient. If a chosen personnel fails to show high levels of interest, or if SCP-XXX is deprived of such entertainment, it will begin to exhibit signs of State Y. 

State Y will occur if SCP-XXX is deprived of requested entertainment after a period of time5. SCP-XXX will instantly convert itself into a liquid state form, altering into dangerous molten rock that will spread and grow at a fast rate. SCP-XXX has proven itself to be resistant against water and other methods of control when in State Y. 

Currently, the only known way of convincing SCP-XXX to convert itself back into State X is by immediately exerting rhythmic movement in front of it. So far there has been only one recorded fatality with SCP-XXX. 

Addendum XXX-A: Recovery Log

SCP-XXX was discovered during the events of a night club in ████, Russia burning down after a mysterious "lava" broke out from inside the building. Agents were able to arrive at the same time the night club's owner returned. Despite the orders to stand aside, the owner proceeded to make rhythmic gestures near SCP-XXX, which then began to "evaporate" into its State X form. Agents were able to capture SCP-XXX by promising it "entertainment". Class A amnestics were given to the Russian State Fire Service and all witnesses, and a cover story was provided for the media.  

Because of the owner's deep knowledge of SCP-XXX, they were taken into Foundation's custody where medical staff administered Class D amnestics. The owner stayed within the Foundation's medical wing for a short period of time before being released.

Addendum XXX-B: Speech

Though silent most of the time in its containment, SCP-XXX is capable of speech through unknown methods. It has only communicated with staff when requesting entertainment. 

Because of SCP-XXX's ability to communicate, Dr. Odiosis attempted to set up an interview and learn more about its origin and anomalous obsessions. However, all attempts to speak to it resulted in failure, suggesting that SCP-XXX will only communicate when it desires something specific from the Foundation. 

Addendum XXX-C: Fatality

On █/█/██, staff experienced their first emergency with SCP-XXX. D-2330 was chosen and escorted to SCP-XXX's containment chamber to start Procedure XXX-Rhythm. However, he became uncooperative upon arrival and repeatedly refused. After an argument between D-2330 and staff, SCP-XXX converted to State Y, shattering its protective container and engulfing D-2330, instantly incinerating him. 

The armed guards who had escorted D-2330 were forced to improvise in his replacement. 

Addendum XXX-D: State Y

On █/█/██, staff had their second and final6 emergency with SCP-XXX. Cause of causality was due to the hand-made playlist starting up a particular song from a well-known music group commonly referred to as [REDACTED]. SCP-XXX immediately converted into State Y form when the song began. After appeasing SCP-XXX, staff had to replace its container and refurbish its holding chamber. 

Note: Interesting. I've never liked those guys or their music, either. Anyway, let's make sure that specific album is thrown out along with any other genre related to it. There is no need to keep supplying new material. Just keep looping what we already have like we do with the pre-recorded programs; It's not like SCP-XXX ever gets tired of the old stuff anyway. ~Dr. Odiosis

Addendum XXX-E: Final note