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SCP-XXX. All requests on removing its tag have since been denied.

Item #: SCP-XXX

Object Class: Euclid

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-XXX is to be stored at Site ██, at least fifty meters away from any other cell containing living biological anomalies. Absolutely under no circumstance is SCP-XXX to be taken directly outside of the facility. Any personnel caught with SCP-XXX in their possession without obligation are to be apprehended immediately.

The object occupies a steel vault protected by a passcode available to personnel of level 3 or higher only. Due to multiple instances of supernatural activity, object now resides on top of a glass sheet with a single camera set above for constant surveillance. A sound-proof glass cover has been placed over the object as for extra precautions. 

Description: SCP-XXX is a small metal instrument that mimics all physical properties of a standard dogwhistle. Attached to the back is a small worn piece of paper with the large words "GOOD BOY", written in ballpoint pen. After lab analysis and numerous tests, it has been discovered that the metal components making up the artifact contain large amounts of ███. 

When used, SCP-XXX will always produce the same low, two-noted melody as opposed to the continuous high-pitched tune a normal whistle is accustomed to. These two notes themselves are reported to be faint, seeming rather calming and remaining low in decibels no matter how hard the object is blown into. When used, any creature possessing a suggestible mind within a fifty meter radius will promptly go into a feral and violent episode, attacking the nearest human. 

SCP-XXX was discovered in ██ New York after a large massacre was reported during an annual dog show. After investigating, it was found that one-hundred and six participants had been killed by a series of severe canine-inflected injuries and lacerations. Most official causes of deaths were due to copious amounts of blood loss protruding from deep wounds near the trachea and/or missing appendages later recovered from within the stomach contents of the animals in show during autopsies.  

All dogs that had been participating in the competition were found dead along with their victims. Necropsies revealed that the canines died of either heart failure or massive convulsions. Foundation agents were called when one of the few survivors reported using a whistle borrowed from the competition's kennel club leaders and that it had made a strange tune, followed by the violent chaos seconds after.

When questioned, the suspect informed agents that they had later tested the whistle a second time outside and were immediately harassed and pursued after by groups of different wild birds and rodents for approximately twenty minutes before the animals expired for unknown reasons. The lone surviving club leader was also questioned but their denial on the object ever being in their possession lead agents to review footage from the competition to further try and discover its origin. When analyzing it was revealed that SCP-XXX had instantly manifested itself onto the clubs' table around ██ minutes into the video when all of the leaders' attention were diverted elsewhere.

The object in question was confiscated and Class B amnestics were given along with a cover story provided for the media.  

Recording the sound that SCP-XXX produces and playing it back on an electronic device has been proven to deliver no reactions from test subjects. Similar artifacts with the same tune have been generated in the Foundation's labs in order to "recreate" SCP-XXX and understand its bizarre effects. All attempts have resulted in failure. Sound produced from the original object has, so far, been the only success in triggering subjects. 

Over half of subjects tested with SCP-XXX began to convulse after close to thirty minutes, falling into violent seizures before eventually expiring. Analysis revealed that the subjects' heart rates were at their highest physically possible along with endorphins and functions working overload, leading to the massive convulsions and heart failure. 

For surviving subjects; All body functions and behavior gradually returned to normal states after a period of time. It is presumed that size and weight affects the length of SCP-XXX's potency. It has been noted that the smaller surviving subjects lasted only 1-2 hours while the larger and heavier subjects were reported to have waited out over 24 hours. 

Test subjects would remain idle in containment when no human target was present. It has also been noted that subjects with a natural predator and prey relationship failed to acknowledge each other's presence while under the effects of SCP-XXX.

Experiment Log XXX-2: 

Date: ██-██-████

Procedure: SCP-XXX was to be used on four, mentally disabled Class D personnel together. 

Details: [EXPUNGED]

Experiment Log XXX-3:

Date: ██-██-████

Procedure: SCP-XXX was to be used on a variety of deaf subjects including two class D personnel.1

Details: Neither subject displayed rogue, violent aggression towards a personnel after SCP-XXX was used. However after experimentation, most subjects exhibited high levels of paranoia via constant pacing in their containment and heavy panting and refused sustenance until eventually perishing from either dehydration or starvation.

Between both class D personnel used, D-1730 showed no signs of either symptoms and was presumed to have been completely unaffected after being checked out by medical staff. D-1422 however refused communication back with staff after testing and would be found sitting in the corner of his cell in a tight fetal position for most of the day. After ██ days after the experiment, D-1422 was found deceased inside of his cell. When investigating, staff learned that D-1422 had bled out to death from digging his fingernails into his own wrists before proceeding to write in his blood the message;


All possible future testing with SCP-XXX was terminated.

Addendum XXX-1

Re: Upgrade class from Safe to Euclid - Granted by O5 council.