Nervous Humanoid (Author: JCdaboss)
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Item #: SCP-~~~~

Object Class: Euclid

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-~-1 must be contained in a small apartment-sized (33m x 42m) room at all times. Any communication SCP-~-1 attempts is to be logged down immediately. The apartment is to be furnished with a bed, several books and a set of chairs with tables. The walls, are to be made of an acid proof polymer. CCTV surveillance and infrared imaging should be monitoring the chamber at all times, with 3 guards armed with electric batons. Upon any sign of SCP-~-1 attempting to exercise violence, it's quarters is to be flushed with a nerve agent. No personnel, under any circumstances, are allowed to enter its chambers at any time, except for research and interview purposes.

Description: SCP-~-1 is a humanoid with pale skin, approximately 1.7m in height and weighing roughly 54kg on the body scale. It's eyes are large and pure black, with no sort of iris or pupil whatsoever, and possesses 2 layers of sharp teeth that have been reported to pierce metal. Tests show that the teeth appear to be made out of an unknown material, with bite strength likened to that of a shark. Blood samples show that its blood itself is corrosive, and has melted through laboratory equipment. There is wide speculation that this may be a subject of extraterrestrial origin. The subject in question also has a case of Arachnodactyly, and measurements confirm that SCP-~-1's hands fingers have been elongated to be 20cm long, and sharp. MRI and CT scans show that the subject's internal organs are distributed abnormally, notable examples being its brain at the centre of the body and heart at the skull case. However, the intestines, stomach and appendix of the creature was observed to be missing, instead replaced with a large organ which is likened to a enlarged gallbladder. The subject has no lungs, and can survive without any oxygen or any other sort of nutrient, including water. However, SCP-~-1 does prefer to feed voluntarily, but how it manages to digest its food is unknown. Spikes were observed to grow inside of SCP-~-1's throat. Various scans show that SCP-~-1 has no known bone structure, but could physically engage in activities.
SCP-~-1 displays extremely aggressive behaviour when alone, and would often attempt to scratch and damage its cell. When stopped, it excretes SCP-~-2 at the people that provoked it, usually injuring them. It appears to be capable of basic speech, and was often observed to talk to itself. It was also observed to use the books aforementioned in his cell, often requesting for more books to be given. Communication logs reveal that SCP-~-1 prefers to read non-fiction, and that its habit of reading usually calms it down, enough for several D-class personnel to enter its cell without provoking it.
SCP-~-2 is a green bile that SCP-~-1 excretes when provoked. It has the viscosity of honey and the flowing rate of water. pH tests on the bile note that it is extremely acidic (pH rating of -10), hence an acid proof polymer was used to wall in the creature. The bile can be likened to acid, and can be transferred from one area to another via a ball of mucus, which pops on impact, releasing SCP-~-2 on its target. While there is no known material that could contain the acid (even the acid-proof polymers fail often) biopsies confirm that SCP-~-1's so called "stomach" does not produce the acid, contrary to popular belief. Instead, it is manufactured in the brain and stored within the skull. Whilst the acid should burn through the skull, scans confirm that its skull is impervious to the acidic material.
SCP-~ was recovered in Belize in [DATE REDACTED], where over 34 people were killed by severe acid burns, with several buildings collapsed due to foundation instability. The local law enforcement units were undergoing investigation, where the subject then arrived to the scene. When being asked to leave, it began to attack the law enforcement units, causing 12 injuries. The said subject was then retrieved by the Foundation and transported to [REDACTED] for further study.