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Item #: SCP-XXXX and SCP-XXXX-a

Object Class: Safe

Special Containment Procedures: [Due to the political volatility of the surrounding area complete isolation of SCP-XXXX is inadvisable. SCP-XXXX is located in an area of enormous spiritual importance to the locals and attempts to restrict access to the area will likely attract more attention than it would divert.

The mosque above the cavern containing SCP-XXXX continues to operate, with the cooperation of Sheikh ████████████ a foundation agent has been installed as the local Imam. This agent will be in charge of restricting access to the entrance to the cavern in which SCP-XXXX resides. Civilians attempting access to the area are to be gently redirected.

In the event a civilian gains access to the cavern they are to be allowed to see SCP-XXXX and immediately tranquilized and amnestied using class A amnesiacs. Under no circumstances are civilians to be allowed to ingest SCP-XXXX’s fruit. Civilian is to be moved to a bedroom in the mosque where upon awakening they will be informed by Agent ██████ that they collapsed offered food and water and sent home.

If a civilian manages to ingest the fruit of SCP-XXXX they are to be passively monitored until the fruit is metabolized at which point they are to be tranquilized and administered class A amnesiacs and released. Civilian is then to be monitored for any attempts to return to SCP-XXXX, any civilian attempting to reenter the cavern is to be detained and terminated, preferably under auspices of the mosque or the government of ██████████]

SCP-XXXX was discovered after the [data expunged] war, during renovations to a mosque damaged during heavy fighting in the area. During the repair of a basement storage room the entrance to a cavern was discovered. Due to concerns about unexplored munitions local authorities were contacted, SCP-XXXX was discovered by the EOD squad examining the area and was brought to Foundation attention by a source within the local government.

The Foundation's source was able to prevent an immediate leak of SCP-XXXX's location by detaining the EOD team and planting stories of chemical weapons stores in the caverns. The Foundation conducted tests on SCP-XXXX from ████ to ████ allowing the mosque to reopen at the conclusion of initial testing. Research of SCP-XXXX is currently suspended due to political unrest in the area.

SCP- XXXX Entity appears to be a small (approximately 1.8 meters tall) tree made out of a violet colored crystal. SCP-XXXX has no leaves and for approximately 2/3 of the year no fruit. During a four month period, roughly analogous to the growing period for the date farms in the village of [REDACTED], the entity produces several spherical fruits, the fruit is considered “ripe” when its color has changed from green to a bright yellow.

Though SCP-XXXX appears solid it is in fact incorporeal, and behaves in a manner similar to a “Pepper’s Ghost” illusion. When any portion of SCP-XXXX comes into contact with an object that object “passes” through SCP-XXXX, temporarily causing the portion of the SCP-XXXX beyond it to vanish. Studies done on SCP-XXXX have confirmed that it is composed entirely of photons however it produces no detectable heat and its constituent photons seem to be confined to their present position and hue, as no photons have been detected by the sensors placed in various areas in the cavern.

SCP-XXXX produces fruit at the end of a four month “growing season.” The fruit first appears as a small sphere of green on the branches of SCP-XXXX steadily growing over time before finally reaching a size of approximately 12.7 centimeters in diameter. Coloration progresses from green to a bright yellow. The fruit is incorporeal until the end of its growth cycle at which point it can be handled. Examination of the fruit beyond its current location has thus far been unsuccessful, upon exposure to natural light it rapidly decays, vanishing in mere seconds.

When ingested the fruit creates narcotic-like effects in roughly 87% of those studied. The effects were described as a feeling of “utter contentment and peace” with many spending the entirety of the time under its influence staring at SCP-XXXX. Researchers also observed subjects singing or humming to themselves or chatting idly. Subjects experiencing these effects have thus far shown no ill effects after metabolizing the fruit beyond an increase in appetite sometimes associated with cannabis use.

13% of subjects have reported “visions” upon ingesting, these hallucinations are normally tied to the subject’s spiritual or philosophical beliefs. So far these “visions” have not shown any precognitive potential and appear to be similar to the ones experienced by those ingesting standard hallucinogenic drugs. Subjects experiencing these effects have all experienced varying degrees of withdraw symptoms when the fruit is metabolized. The mildest of these symptoms mimic the flu and generally resolve within a few weeks if proper amnesics were administered following the metabolizing of the fruit.

More severe symptoms have been reported in approximately 1% of those experiencing hallucinations. These symptoms consist of an obsessive desire to return to the cavern housing SCP-XXXX, this obsessive behavior is not ameliorated by amnesics as the subjects seem to develop a "muscle memory" of how to access the cavern. Attempts to prevent the subject's return are resisted and said resistance inevitably turns violent. In these cases termination is the only remaining containment options though due to the close knit nature of the surrounding community it must be done with an appropriate cover story.

Addendum: [After the incident on [REDACTED] the SCP are updated as follows
1. Access to the mosque is to be restricted to local villagers only
2. Access to the village is to be restricted to citizens of ██████████
3. Any terminations are to be carried out only after it has been confirmed no recording devices are present in the area.
4. Cell phone service is to be jammed for a 3 mile radius around the village.
5. Internet service in the area is to be throttled to levels comparable with a standard dial-up modem.]