Object Class: Thamuiel

Mr. Claws

Level 5 Clearance Needed.

Special Containment Procedures:
SCP-XXXX is kept in a heavily Reinforced cell mixed with Titanium on the outside, and Steel on the inside, with water inside to slow it down. Because its attack relies on speed, and its highly dangerous to be around (For too long to be exact.) despite the best efforts the MTF does to keep it in the cell, it sometimes break out when class d's enter the room for testing. So whenever being tested, personnel needed to be blocking the door before proceeding. Six Armed Units With a Tazer (to electrocute the water just in case if it tries to break out again) around the room, on the edges, with fences on the edges just in case if any guards fall in.


SCP-XXXX is an Object which has a green-blue-ish skin. Sharp teeth, and also claws (which will be mentioned again later in the paragraph), and sometimes dig in its cell. Although it is useless. Also has crimson eyes which looks like blood. And is VERY Intelligent, and regenerates fast. it's fast too. The only problem with SCP-XXXX is it breaks out of Containment too much, Too Fast, and doesn't stay like stone when you look at it, there is a downside to the Objects Abilities. It doesn't know where it's going. The object tries to escape multiple times, but smashes into walls,
(surprisingly, not too much damage) 39% responsible for the "Containment Breach" So its Capable Of Breaking through Lots of stuff, so we don't know why we even. So, to slow him down, MTF UNITS use water to slow it down, it's speed, strength, relies on.. well. Speed. And water slows it down. Or just slip it to crash into the wall. And so it doesn't go everywhere. It basically lies in the corner sometimes also. it when you touch it. It kills you. Also, it has GIANT CLAWS to scrape you.

Like in the first paragraph, MTF UNITS slowed it down by using water, It's Just Logic. But it still moves around. it's in a room with Titanium With Steel Mixed And was reinforced. (Even if its slowed down, JUST IN CASE)
it's in a large room 10 x 10 x 10 x 10, The Main Problem with Containment, it's Class D's can't test on it. With to much water. So, they made suits so the class-D's can get in. and put it in storage once their done. Or make new ones when they get ripped apart by touching SCP-XXXX, even when you touch it and you're on land. It still going to chase you down. No matter what happens, because even though you on land, it's still gonna get you, because it may be a sea creature, but a land creature as well. The good news is that the object is not completely hostile (said later in the paragraph in case you forget), and when focused on something, It does it. It lives in the dark, but you die in the light kinda thing. It's multiple killing streaks, costs millions of lives. It's uncertain if it can ever be contained forever, if it was being tested. Personnel must be careful, when sending class d's in, as they might die with them. When it makes a really loud sound it can stun you from 15 miles away (and you possibly die). So it's locked in a Containment cell, well, 18 miles away. From the site.


Review Notes:
After several months of monitoring we have noticed clues of why it kept breaking out. We believe our time with Class-D testings have proven to us, that this "creature" of a thing is not from this planet. If seems to be true we may realize there are more of them to begin with, and though if we're right, at least we'll know that aliens exist.

Notes In Behavior:
We were testing a hypothesis, we sent in no class-d's into its chamber for several years. We've noticed it lays dormant with no company. We will need to do more to confirm this hypothesis.

It likes to hide under unknown places, so it can sneak attack you, no matter where it is. MTF Units have a hard time containing the object because of this. So basically, how it attacks, is it rips you to shreds, or rips your skull out. Lucky for us. Touch it = You Dead.

SCP-XXXX is very animal-like, it likes to snarl, growl, maybe even sometimes, well. Shutdown the facility. Making Containment breaches. It even escapes.

[It escaped 48 times to be exact, it was finally captured 5/12/20##]
SCP-XXXX Is sentient, meaning it can feel pain, but sometimes it overcomes pain and kills everything in its path. SCP-XXXX is Sometimes Hostile, and wont kill everything on sight, but still. Waiting 24 hours before communicating with SCP-XXXX is advised.

So First, a Quick description. (Again) Remember. DON'T TOUCH IT AT ALL IF YOU WANT TO LIVE.

SCP-XXXX Was found in a cave known as "Minefield" [Data Expunged] at 12:45 PM in Canada.

Fun Fact:
It also seems to understand English pretty well. Actually not interesting since every single scp seems to understand English. Or any other languages.

Alerts: (For This Case)

Low Alerts
very low alert. Standard procedure.
low alert. Standard procedure.
regular alert. Standard Guards needed.
regular alert. Standard Guards / riot shield gears needed.
Medium Alerts
Code Green-D
attention needed.
Code Green-D-2
average attention needed.
Code Yellow
moderate attention needed
Code Red
high attention needed.
High Alerts
Code Breach
Facility Attention

Here Is A Log Where Personel's try to contact SCP-XXXX

Seriously! Choose One!

Extra Logs

Logs: Available To 0-5 Cards

Dr: [Data Expunged]: How Are you doing?
SCP-XXXX: 'Gurgle' 'Gurgle' Dr: [Data Expunged]: again please?
SCP-XXXX: Trapped, Tired..
Dr: [Data Expunged]: well that's good to he— [Clears Throat] so can I talk to you for a moment?
SCP-XXXX: go away.
Dr: [Data Expunged]: we only want to ask you a question.
SCP-XXXX: May I ask YOU something?
Dr: [Data Expunged]: Okay? Dr: [Data Expunged]: turn off the camera.

Log Ended.

Class-D Logs:

Name Gender Time Status Activity Level of Fear
David Male 30 sec Alive Only communicated. 4-10
Sarah Female 2 min Dead Smacking/Taunting 0-10
Jessie Female 50 sec Dead Accidentally Touching/Tripped 6-10
Mike Male 30 sec Close To Death Dead Touching for Attention 4-10
Molly Female 20 sec Alive Only communicated. 5-10
Josh Male 2 Hours Alive hitting it with a stick 0-10

Classified Information:



Tested On SCP-Subject Time Results Notes From O5 Council
SCP-096[] 3 min SCP-096 began communicating with SCP-XXXX even when SCP-XXXX looked at It's face, when SCP-096 touched SCP-XXXX, unexpectedly, they became friends. nothing I've ever expected.
SCP-106[] 1 month 106 got weakened. Almost died. SCP-XXXX Undamaged. DAMN… this thing is strong.
scp-096[] 4 hours Scp-096 began to freak-out for something, and began tearing the walls in its lockroom, SCP-XXXX did nothing. what?
SCP-173[] 15 Days SCP-173 Began investigating. SCP-XXXX did nothing. SCP-173 was moving freely, as it was wondering. "How could a sea creature also be a land creature?" Why did you do this doctor…..?

Welcome Authorized Personnel…

O5 Council Notes: we have gathered some new information. About things only we know. (Exception = The Administrator) after further testing and logs. We have confirmed that we are certain. It's strength is growing. We fear another Containment Breach will happen. And this creature will be

95% responsible for the Containment Breach that may happen in the near future.
(As we panick in fear to prevent it.)

Notes Made In 6-#-201712