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Lyrebird - a mask which allows the wearer to perfectly mimic an entity it is familiar with

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1 - Changed appearance of Slvr-C so that it no longer resembles Patience…
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4 - write up special containment procedures

Special containment procedures:

Description: SCP-LYR is a [nope] brand, white novelty (you know what? It's literally not gonna be possible for people to read this and not immediately thing of 49. Dammit, it's the only mask I own, people!) plague doctors mask made primarily from synthetic leather and blue polyethylene. Running along the bottom of the mask is five pairs of 1cm diameter metal eyelets spaced approx 1.7cm apart from one another, arranged in a line. There are nine metal studs punched through the mask, grouped into threes. each group attaches a strap to the side or top of the mask. These straps also contain two studs each, along with a metal buckle for adjusting the mask to fit the user.

Without interaction, SCP-LYR remains in its inactive state. Its anonymous properties only manifest when worn by a user intent on imitating an object, animal or another human. Once the user has selected an entity to mimic, they gain the ability to exactly replicate the voice, behaviour and abilities of the original, and is known from this point onwards as SCP-LYR-B. Instances of SCP-LYR-B recorded whilst wearing SCP-LYR, attempting to recreate a vocalisation of the target mimicked have been found to mimic the acoustic sound with 87-100% accuracy, with even the digitalised waveform being an exact copy of the original vocalisation. An instance of SCP-LYR-B can also produce original sentences in the voice of their target, resulting in Foundation staff restricting use of SCP-LYR for reasons of security. It should be noted that an instance of SCP-LYR-B looses this ability when SCP-LYR is removed.

Additionally, the genetic makeup of the individual wearing SCP-LYR instantly changes to that of the target, replacing the users original DNA entirely. In the instance where SCP-LYR-B is mimicking an object, chromosomes have been found to be replaced with microscopic fragments of whatever the target object is composed of, with previous testing resulting in genetic material being replaced with wood, plastics, fragments of metal and silicon. It is worth noting that SCP-LYR-B will remain unaffected by these changes so long as they are wearing SCP-LYR. After removing SCP-LYR, if the instance was mimicking an object, the subject will terminate within 3-7 days of removal. Any SCP-LYR-B created via mimicry of an animal or other human will remain generally unaffected by the change in genetic makeup, with the exception of minor alterations such as slight changes in skin tones, an increase in bodily hair, changes in hair colour, and production of venom or toxins if subject of imitation possessed such.

SCP-LYR does not compel it's user to imitate another, nor does it force an iteration of SCP-LYR-B to continue their imitation or keep the mask on. If a user is not intent on mimicking an entity and wears SCP-LYR, its anomalous properties do not manifest. Regardless, it is ill advised to equip SCP-LYR, as a thought of any entity could trigger SCP-LYR's active state. It is also unwise to use SCP-LYR on a subject who is not familiar with the entity they are mimicking. The user must have a decent understanding of the entity they are mimicking in order to produce a functional SCP-LYR-B. A user must have spend a minimum of 4 hours in contact with the entity to mimic. Below this 4 hour mark, it is found that an SCP-LYR-B is unable to perfectly imitate the voice and mannerisms of their target, and their DNA will only partially be replaced. These individuals terminate upon removal of SCP-LYR at a frequency of 94% (see incident log)

Testing log:

Incident log:

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