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Photo taken at location of discovery of SCP-1230a.

Item #: SCP-1230

Object Class: Euclid

Special Containment Procedures: The objects constituting SCP-1230 must be kept bound and covered with thick, black cloth in separate containment cells. Direct observation of SCP-1230 is forbidden without proper test authorization. Personnel exposed to SCP-1230 must be kept under constant observation through direct eye-contact or through monitored or recorded surveillance.

Description: SCP-1230 is an elderly Caucasian woman dressed in ragged, pale-colored clothes. The entity usually appears soaked with rain pouring down its face and upper torso. It manifests in SCP-1230a, SCP-1230b, and SCP-1230c. Manifestations occur randomly, but only during direct observation. SCP-1230a is a house window removed from a residential home located at ███████ St, █████ ██████. SCP-1230b is a bathroom mirror removed from a residential home located at █████ St, ██ ████. SCP-1230c is a rear passenger window from a sedan family vehicle previously registered to █████ ████████. The anomalous properties of these objects came to the attention of the Foundation after a series of disappearances in the state of ███████ were correlated by similarities in their case reports.

SCP-1230 manifests as an elderly woman pressing its hands against the glass of the contained objects with an intense and fearful expression. The entity appears to be experiencing rainfall regardless of the location of the anomalous objects. Attempts to communicate with the entity have only led to non-vocal responses including widening its eyes, baring its teeth and dragging its nails against the glass. Civilians and personnel who have observed or interacted with SCP-1230 have subsequently displayed signs of social withdrawal, generalized anxiety and lengthy introspection. After an arbitrary period of time greater than 24 hours, observers of SCP-1230 disappear. No trace has been found of disappeared persons.

None of the personnel disappearances have occurred while within view of others whether through direct eye-contact or through monitored or recorded surveillance. However, it has been established that a period of 2 minutes and 37 seconds is sufficient for unobserved personnel to disappear. This period was calculated as the time between power failure in Observation Cell 2a and restoration of power by an automatic back-up generator. During this time, Class D personnel ID: █████ disappeared from Observation Cell 2a. No cell breaches were found upon inspection. However, during the blackout, a battery operated audio device in the cell recorded sounds of weeping and incoherent whispering.

Production of the objects constituting SCP-1230 has been traced to a single manufacturing plant in [DATA EXPUNGED]. Upon inspection the plant was found to be derelict. However, records indicate that each object was produced from a single batch of raw material sourced from [DATA EXPUNGED]. Operators have been dispatched to recover any other objects produced from the same batch that may still be in use.