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Item #: SCP-3076

Object Class: Safe Euclid

Special Containment Procedures: Object is to be kept in a standard sized room, no personnel of clearance levels less than 2 are to conduct research on SCP-3076 and all experimentation on biological matter must be approved by Dr █████ or the senior site administrator, any person(s) attempting to access SCP-3076 without proper paperwork will be questioned and if necessary terminated, gas leakage is to be prevented by testing staff wearing specially designed gas masks. further security measures must be approved by the administrator.

Description: SCP-3076 is a cobalt box with a volume of 2m, the box has the digits 05 in bold painted onto it's exterior, the box is airtight aside from a circular lid allowing objects to be placed inside of SCP-3076, any object or entity placed within SCP-3076 when the lid is sealed will cause it to shake violently for a varied amount of time dependent on the mass of the object placed inside, when the shaking has subsided and the lid has been removed the object will have transformed into a drastically different object of identical atomic mass, this effect is not dependent on the state of matter of the object, although it is noted that gasses placed into SCP-3076 will turn into gasses that are invariably toxic to humans, such as Carbon monoxide and Boron tribromide.

SCP-3076 will have predictable but varied effects when biological matter is placed within, deceased tissue will always transform into living tissue. Any live subjects placed inside will usually have their anatomy changed to such a degree that they cannot sustain their life for much longer than a few minutes at most.
In rare cases subjects will be capable of surviving long term although not as an intelligent form of life, or even necessarily as a form of life currently understood.

Test A - Date:██/██/20██

Subject: D-1276
Procedure: Subject is instructed to enter SCP-3076, whilst small incision's are made to allow the inside of SCP-3076 to be observed.
Results: Subject began screaming before the object began shaking violently for a period of 30 seconds, at which point subject emerged from SCP-3076 with a noticeably smaller and crouched appearance, subject was covered in several layers of a trauma resistant material that was capable of withstanding large amounts of firepower, subject violently rampaged around the site before being stopped with a Molotov cocktail provided to Dr ███████.
Analysis: the sudden change in the result of the experiment caused inquiry into the change in the method used and the possibility of the sensation of pain and even sentience for SCP-3076.

Addendum-1: As of ██/██/20██ gas leaking from the object after experimentation is to be reported to Dr █████, immediately.

Addendum-2: Due to a recent incident involving a subject, no more experimentation with biological matter is permitted, see test A.

Addendum-3: A pattern in the transmutation of subjects has been found, it has opened questions into the nature of SCP-3076 and the possibility of sentience, as such further testing on biological matter has been approved, however this is restricted to quite a specialised research team and must only be performed in the presence of 1 or more MTF units armed with armour piercing rounds.

Addendum-4: Research into the sentience of SCP-3076 has been conducted and has corroborated Dr █████'s theories on the subject, as such testing has once again been allowed to personnel with correct permission's.