scp xxxxx 'the great dictionary app'

Scp xxxxx- the application
Special Containment Procedures.
In any case of finding a downloading page of this scp, mobile task force pi-13(little brother) will track the source and eliminate the files and the site. In any case of downloading or situation 2 is happened, the pi-13 will use [DATA EXPUNGED] to eliminate the device or the account.
Scp xxxxx is a HTML5 based application formed scp founded by agent ■■■■ ■■■■■■ ■■■■ in his [DATA EXPUNGED] because of this,The only device holding scp xxxxx should be the ■■■■■■■■ in sector 64. There can be a several ways of downloading of this scp can occur.
1. Search 'mobile dictionary' in any searching site.
2. If a person has more that 1 gigabite of data something scp 'can't find', there will be and email sent by [DATA EXPUNGED] demanding of installing of this app. If a person do not install the app, it causes [DATA EXPUNGED] to make the person download the app.
In any case Scp xxxxx is downloaded in the device,it will become a book-looking app named 'The ultimate dictionary'. When the scp starts to run, it will become a dictionary app started with a warning.

'WARNING. Any use of this app is agreeing to our terms and licence. Will you accept?'

In case of accepting, the device will become a dictionary app THAT CAN SEARCH EVERYTHING. This includes all the personal informations in the earth, CIA project [DATA EXPUNGED] and even the informations of 99.78% of all scp foundations data. The experiments shows that it has an information of ALL level 4 graded files and few level 5 files. It is also shown that if someone agrees the terms,all the informations the person knows can be founded in the app as well. It is also shows that only the truth will be described.