Saltstonestorm - The Scrambler
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Recovery site of SCP-3044. The entity resided in the now missing door (centre-right).

Item #: SCP-3044

Object Class: Euclid

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-3044 is to be placed inside a room measuring no less than 5x5 metres in length and width and 2 metres in height with a series of doorframes positioned in a circle so that one door leads into another, spaced at least 45 cm apart. The containment room must be located no closer than 2 km from civilian residential zones, staff dormitories and lounges.

Furthermore, no person is to fall asleep within a 0.5 km spherical radius zone at any time. In case of a security breach, the doorway in which SCP-3044 is currently present is to be extracted by any means necessary and transported to its containment facility.

Civilian survivors involved in an SCP-3044-A event will be administered a Class B amnesiacs, implanted with false memories explaining the missing doorframe and released. Bodies of civilians deceased as result of an SCP-3044-B event will be sampled for testing and the remains incinerated.

Researchers and other personnel assigned to SCP-3044, who are equipped with a pacemaker or other implants, must undergo a surgery replacing their current implant with a magnet-resistant one.

Description: SCP-3044 is a humanoid figure, approximately 1.8 m tall, although it is known to scale with the size of the doorframe it currently occupies. The entity is composed of white noise and appears to lack depth. It is currently undetermined how a two-dimensional object is able to exist in three-dimensional space without a surface to support it, although it has been theorised that due to its nature as an electromagnetic anomaly, no base surface is needed. SCP-3044 constantly emits audio of randomized white noise at volumes ranging from 26,7 dB to 43,1 dB and an electromagnetic field with a constant intensity of 29 mT which alternates between polarities once every .23 s.

As result of this rapidly pulsating electromagnetic field, all electronic devices without protective casing and magnets within 30 metres are rendered inoperable (about 87%) or display anomalous properties (about 13%). Anomalous devices are to be designated SCP-3044-### and contained in transparent plastic bags with their designation. SCP-3044 shows signs of sentience and is capable of limited communication through devices it renders anomalous. To this date, this communication has always been one-sided apart from one interaction (See Document SCP-3044-D2).

While dormant, SCP-3044 resides inside of a closed doorway, emitting its usual white noise audio. When this door is opened, SCP-3044 immediately enters its active state.

Additionally, when a human (from now on designated SCP-3044-τ) enters the REM phase of their sleep within a 0.4 km radius, SCP-3044 disappears from its current location and manifests inside the furthermost doorway located within the same building as SCP-3044-τ. If multiple human targets would be eligible, SCP-3044 chooses the closest one and it will not switch targets until either removed from the vicinity of SCP-3044-τ or until conclusion of a SCP-3044-B event.

Upon entering its active state, usually due to SCP-3044-τ or another person investigating the source of the static noise or accidental opening of doorway inhabited by SCP-3044, the entity will begin generating its electromagnetic field. SCP-3044 will act as a barrier and will prevent any matter or waves from passing through the door. This event is designated SCP-3044-A. So far, every effort at piercing or bypassing SCP-3044 was met with failure as any object or radiation colliding with the entity will lose all of its kinetic energy and momentum. Humans who touch SCP-3044 report feeling of paresthesia or formication (“crawling ants”). This has no negative effects on objects or persons.

Whenever SCP-3044-τ enters a REM sleep phase since the beginning of event SCP-3044-A, the entity will relocate to the nearest doorframe to its starting point that is closer to its target. Placing obstacles between the two doorways has no effect. This will repeat every time SCP-3044-τ falls asleep until SCP-3044-τ is trapped in a room with SCP-3044 obstructing the room’s doorway. The next time SCP-3044-τ would fall asleep (usually from exhaustion due to lack of sleep, dehydration or malnutrition), the entity relocates so that it overlaps with SCP-3044-τ’s body. This results in ████████, multiple fractures, displaced and damaged vitals and in all cases death.

In case SCP-3044-τ attempts to use an electronic device vulnerable to SCP-3044’s effects, event SCP-3044-B will occur. This results in the entity moving at a much faster rate (approx. 1 doorframe / 6 s) and does not require SCP-3044-τ to enter a REM sleep phase. This extends the electromagnetic field’s radius to 200 m and increases the probability rate of devices becoming anomalous to over 70%. If SCP-3044 reaches SCP-3044-τ, it will attempt to █████████, resulting in SCP-3044-τ becoming a three-dimensional copy of SCP-3044, except damageable with conventional tools and weapons; designated SCP-3044-ω. SCP-3044-ω instances are to be sampled and incinerated.

After an SCP-3044-A or an SCP-3044-B event takes place, SCP-3044 will retreat to its starting point within the same building.

SCP-3044’s death toll prior to containment is estimated to be ██.