Irusha Wiskai
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Item #: SCP-3991

Object Class: Euclid

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-3991 is contained within a Type-05 Humanoid Containment Unit at Site-18, with bedrock behind the walls of the unit reinforced with steel and equipped with an electromagnetic field. Guards are to be rotated every three hours and report for a Psychiatric Evaluation before and after rotation.

In case of a containment breach, subject should be found quickly and incapacitated via hidden smoke vents and nemetic sleeping agents to ensure safe return

In case of a containment breach, an electromagnetic field should be erected around the site, and Guard patrols tripled. If found, guards are authorized to recapture SCP-3991 by any means necessary.

SCP-3991 has been missing for a little over 8 months now, searches are ongoing and so far remain inconclusive.

SCP-3991 was initially recovered on ██/██/████ in Mesa, Arizona from an abandoned ███████ facility. SCP-3991 had no memory of its history prior to its recovery besides its date of birth and is generally cooperative with staff.

SCP-3991 is 1.73 meters in height, weighs 40.36 kilograms, and responds to the name 'Irusha Wiskai'

SCP-3991 resembles a 16-year-old human female, with ears and a tail similar to those of a fox (Genus vulpes), though prolonged exposure to a manmade electromagnetic field any and all anomalous effects will be nullified. Subject has shown an interest in Kendo and swordsmanship in general- Training SCP-3991 in swordsmanship and hand to hand combat has been approved by the Site Director- so long as SCP-3991 is inducted into MTF Alpha-9 also known as "Last Hope" where SCP-3991 will be further trained by the current leader.

SCP-3991-A is a black metallic necklace. It's anomalous properties only manifest when worn by Junior Researcher Alex █. ███████. It produces a barrier around her which no solid matter can pass through and can only be seen with infrared cameras.

Anomalous Properties:

  • SCP-3991 has the ability to phase out of one place, and into another that's a short distance away or to 'teleport'. This has been effectively replicated with inanimate objects which SCP-3991 seems to enjoy using for pranks and, in one case, the assassination of Foundation Personnel. (See incident 3991-AZ-1) It can also become intangible- This extends towards inter-dimensional travels. Although, SCP-3991 will end up confused and lacking it's memory until returning to our dimension.
  • SCP-3991 has shown minor telepathic capability and can alter the mental state of others. SCP-3991 is also completely immune to cognitohazards and memetichazards. though is far more susceptible to common sedatives and poisons.
  • SCP-3991 seems to be able to sense the emotions of those around it, although it will constantly experience the nightmares of others and has more than a little difficulty separating the nightmares from reality. Stock sleeping pills don't put SCP-3991 to sleep, but do completely cancel out it's 'living nightmare' and dampens it's ability to sense emotions.

Addendum-3991-A: Although SCP-3991 is generally cooperative, it is still intelligent and extremely dangerous. Security level 3 or greater is required to read information on SCP-3991, let alone interact with it. In light of SCP-3991's recent disappearance, information regarding the entity is available to staff with Level 2 clearance.

Addendum-3991-B: SCP-3991 is allowed reading materials and other forms of basic entertainment.

Test 3991-A - ██/██/20██
Subject: SCP-3991
Procedure: SCP-3991 was asked to focus on the number 6 while attempting to 'phase' to another location.
Results: SCP-3991 disappeared for █ days and ██ hours.
Analysis: When SCP-3991 returned it was in the fetal position, mumbling incoherently and attacked anything within a 20m radius, using strange black ██████.
Notes: Further testing required, maybe send SCP-3991 back there with a few D-class personnel… -Dr.████████

Test 3991-B - ██/██/20██

Subject: D-3981
Procedure: Subject was asked to approach SCP-3991 from a medicine induced slumber any way he chose to..
Results: SCP-3991 opened its eyes and shoved it's arm into D-3981's abdomena and waited for approximately (3) three seconds. Black spears of the liquid from before shot out of D-3981's body, and quickly solidified after contact with the blood- However, these spears exhibited no anomalous properties. It was confirmed by SCP-3991 later that the metal that formed would only have strange properties when given as a gift and mixed with its own blood
Analysis: After melting it down, the metal produced by SCP-3991 showed almost no similarities to any known element.

Notes: With the permission of the 05 counsel, I'd like to use this…ability of SCP-3991 to create bullet casing for guns- It could prove very useful in containing other anomalies.-Dr.████████

Permission granted. 05-█