Isak ridan draft "the crying boy"

class: Keter

Special containment procedures:

Subject is to be kept in a room 10m x 10m x10m. Subject is to be constantly monitored at all time, it is allowed absolutely no direct contact with any personal. Inside its room contains one bed, one sofa, one television, one VHS player, and finally a discman with CDs(sometimes gifted to it by personnel). He is fed three times a day, once at 9 am, once at 1 am, and again at 7 pm.
He must be bathed and dried manually, subjects who bath him must be fully clothed in hazmat suits. No more than one personel is allowed to see it at a time due it getting out of control while agitated. It has a camera used to speak with personal.

Items removed from subjects quarters
Ceiling fan, removable bed sheets(replaced with zip up sheets)
Headphones, (replaced with speakers)
Towels + shower
Regular clothing(replaced with breakaway clothes)


Subject is a Caucasian male who appears to be a in his late adolescent years, 15-19 and is 6 foot 2. It is highly intelligent, and capable of telekinetic powers. It attempts to be docile, and is very disturbed when it accidentally causes injury to others. It has almost no control of his powers, and has accidentally killed one personel during an interview, forcing him to shoot himself, after this he was upgraded from safe to Euclide, during a session he accidentally destroyed the minds of three personel, causing the three to babble and cry provously until there vocal cords no longer work. After witnessing the suicide and insanity it became deeply disturbed. Personal had to intervene 25 times in the past 6 months to prevent it from committing suicide. Aside from its suicidal tendency it is very cooperative, and has good relationships with other personel, he has recently been trying to convince personel to destroy him, and now must be force fed through a gas released into his enclosure that alows his body to soak up neutriants. He spends over 4 hours a day crying.