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Item #: SCP-XXXX

Object Class: Euclid

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-XXXX is to be contained in a 6 x 2.5 x 8-meter room, furnished at least with a bed, couch, record player and radio. Classical music is to be playing at full volume at ALL times. Failure to maintain music will result in massacre. Rank 3 personnel are allowed to enter XXXX's chamber, along with class D personnel for testing. If a certain classic music piece, believed to be moonlight sonata, is played in XXXX's chamber, it will result in XXXX's temper to unleash, which may lead to total annihilation. If this happens, XXXX is to be shot in the head, on sight.

The walls of XXXX's chamber are to be lined with paintings and artifacts of classical music producers. If a power loss is imminent, XXXX is to be terminated. No exceptions. A camera is installed in XXXX's chamber at all times, and is watched at least 18 hours daily, while he is awake.

XXXX is not to be prodded, touched or harmed in any way, and is to be given what he asks, except for his release. SCP-XXXX is extremely dangerous, and cannot leave.

Description: XXXX is a male Caucasian, standing at .85 meters tall. He claims his name to be Wolfgang Mozart, named after the famous composer of the late 1700s. XXXX's face looks very similar to that of Mozart's, however, he is much shorter, and has red eyes, that resemble that of a cat's. When XXXX is exposed to silence, he will begin to scream, and, in exactly 28.6 seconds, will pull a sword out of seemingly nowhere, but is believed to be from his ribcage, and will start slaughtering anybody, and everybody nearby. The only way to calm him is to shot a cardboard cutout, or painting of Mozart, and trick him to cut into it. Then play classical music. XXXX will quickly calm down, and possibly pass out. Scientists believe it may be a case of savant's syndrome, but the condition is unclear. Playing classical music will keep XXXX calm, and may put him to sleep even.

Strange propertied come up when fighting XXXX. If a bullet is to enter his skull, he will react normally, and fall. but he will get up and continue fighting nearly 12 hours later. If XXXX is stabbed, and the weapon is pulled out, the part of the blade that entered will disappear. XXXX can walk through most any material, except painted canvas. Even though XXXX cannot die, he is still afraid of death, like most human beings. If XXXX's rampage lasts more than 4 hours, shadowy protrusions, that slightly resemble violins will appear out of his shoulders, and will aid in the destruction.

XXXX has been tested, and has been found to have forms of cancer in places such as the abdomen and prostate. Whether this is linked to his short temper is unknown. XXXX shows to be very intelligent, and can solve simple algebra, as well as compose music. XXXX has been exposed to SCP-012 as an experiment (see addendum XXXX-a). XXXX is able to communicate easily with test subjects, and can carry on conversation. however, if the topic is changed, XXXX will kill the subject.

When XXXX was first discovered at ███████, he was found in the middle of an open field, completely naked. Dead wildlife, trees, deer etc., were surrounding him, He was retrieved by (DATA EXPUNGED) on ███8.

Addendum XXXX-a:

Dr ██████ enters chamber XXXX, holding a cigar box, labeled 012.

XXXX: "What is that?"

Dr ██████: "I would like to run a test with you, if it is okay with you. It involves a piece of music, unfinished, and I’d like to see your reaction."

Dr ██████ calls in a D-class person, and hands the box to him.

Dr ██████: "This is D-24621, and he will be running the test."

XXXX: "Okay, show me what you got. is it in the box?

D-29621: "uhhh… yeah. uhm, I was told to hand this to you, and let you open it. so uh, here."

D-24621 hands SCP-012 to XXXX, XXXX open the box and throws it across the room.

XXXX: "WHAT IS THIS! I… I must complete it! no, I’ve seen this before." XXXX is visibly struggling to resist finishing 012.

XXXX walks over to the case and closes it. D-24621 walks over to it and opens it. He carries it over to the record player, takes out the note, and pricks his finger on a sharp piece of the record player.

XXXX runs over to d-29621, and helps him to not complete the piece, and then puts the needle on the vinyl disc once more.

Dr ██████ enters the room, and removes the case from the room. Dr ██████ Thanks XXXX, referring to him as Wolfgang, and exits, along with D-29621

For the rest of the evening, SCP-XXXX broke into cold sweats, looking at his pointer finger, about every 18 minutes. The next day, SCP-XXXX does not remember the experiment.

Addendum XXXX-b

The following is an interview between Dr ██████, and XXXX, two days after the experiment above.

Dr ██████: "Hello, Wolfgang, how are you doing?"

XXXX: "I am doing fine, professor. What are you here for this time?"

Dr ██████: "I only want to ask a few questions."

XXXX: "if it’s about the test you keep asking about I don’t remember anything. I don’t want to be questioned."

Dr ██████:"I can assure you it is not about your encounter with 012, but I just want to get to know you a little better."

XXXX: "Fine. My name is Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart. I was born on November 25,195█, and I like music. what else is there to know about me?"

Dr ██████:"well that does speed things up a little, but I want to know, is there any music you do not like?"

XXXX:"I remember this one song that somebody played, it went kinda like (hums a crude version of moonlight sonata) and then I blacked out, then I showed up here."

Dr ██████:"Do you remember anything ab-"


Dr ██████:"I was going to say anything about your life before we collected you?"


Dr ██████:"okay okay. I’ll leave then."

XXXX:"I have a question for you though. Why did you contain me? what was the real reason. I don’t take that lie you told me about how 'nobody will think my name is actually Mozart' I don’t buy that bulls#!t."

Dr ██████:"I umm… well I'll be leaving now!"

XXXX:"answer the damn question. now."

Dr ██████:"no thank you! I’m going!"

XXXX: "fine."

Dr ██████ terminated.