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The bowl of SCP-SSSS, removed from SCP-SSSS for tests to determine composition

Item #: SCP-XXXX

Object Class: Safe

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-SSSS is to be kept in in a climate controlled room made of non-flammable materials at all times. Flammable materials are to be kept away from the storage room to ensure the anomalous properties of SCP-SSSS are not activated. the bowl is to be removed from SCP-SSSS unless needed for testing.

In the event of an unwarranted fire entering the containment area, SCP-SSSS's room is to be extinguished immediately via overhead sprinklers. All persons nearby are subject to mandatory psychiatric examinations after extinguishing the fire.

During tests of SCP-SSSS, no personnel higher than class D are to be within 20 meters of SCP-SSSS. There must be at least two class D personnel within 20 meters of SCP-SSSS during testing.

Description: SCP-SSSS is a statue that was found in ██████ Harbor, Italy. Foundation historians have found that SCP-SSSS if from as of yet unknown civilization of an unknown humanoid figure dating to the █th century BCE that is roughly 4.5 meters high. Chemical analysis of SCP-SSSS show it is made of an alloy of gold, iron, carbon, copper and [DATA EXPUNGED]. The statue shows surprisingly little wear from erosion, but shows minimal physical damage from ocean currents, and Foundation testing.

SCP-SSSS holds a bowl of unknown composition which can carry 12 liters. Any substance burned inside leaves no residue when burned and has no anomalous effects when extracted from SCP-SSSS. If the bowl is ever removed from SCP-SSSS, SCP-SSSS will show no anomalous properties.

If fire is ever introduced to the bowl of SCP-SSSS while in possession of SCP-SSSS, the closest human being will exhibit a strong desire to sacrifice all of their possessions to the flame. Any objects sacrificed in SCP-SSSS will burn completely and leave no residue. Even items such as solid steel, ashes and glass can be successfully burned in SCP-SSSS, despite not being flammable on their own.

Subjects under the effects of SCP-SSSS often claim that they must "earn the favor of the mighty ████." It has been proposed that ████ is the deity represented in SCP-SSSS. No historical records of ████ have been found.

If affected individuals are unable to sacrifice any more items to SCP-SSSS, affected individuals will instead throw themselves into the flame. When the victim is dead, the next closest human will be subjected to the effects of SCP-SSSS. This process repeats until the flame in SCP-SSSS is put out.

Testing has found that the flame in SCP-SSSS can only be extinguished by copious amounts of water or if no sacrifices are made within 48 hours. In the event that SCP-SSSS is extinguished before victim can kill themselves, they often try to reignite SCP-SSSS or commit suicide by means of self starvation of [DATA EXPUNGED].