its in your blood

Containment procedures:


"All personnel must fallow procedures exactly and report any suspected breaches of safety gear." -Site director

All personal entering SCP-XXX containment cell must be properly equipped in safety gear for a biological hazard. No skin can be visible and suits must be airtight. Any failure of these requirements will result in a containment breach and any personnel in SCP-XXX cell will be instantly terminated. All personnel must be accompanied by a armed guard
SCP-XXX is a biological anomaly affecting a subject’s blood cells and heart structure. Any subject infected with SCP-XXX will be designated as SCP-XXX-1 and will be detained and restrained in a chamber within SCP-XXX’s cell with walls and a air tight locked door with no handle from the inside, anyone inside the cell must be opened from a armed guard from the outside.
Any SCP-XXX-1 candidate must be detained nearing stage 2 of the infection.
SCP-XXX’s chamber will be kept at a cold temperature indefinitely for ease of containment and study.A vial of SCP-XXX infected blood will be constantly kept on a stand in the center of the cell for study.
In case of containment breach, the vial containing SCP-XXX will be hermetically sealed in a small container and only reopened with approval of site director or 2 high level senior staff. SCP-XXX-1 will be immediately terminated and incinerated.

SCP-XXX “Bad Blood”

SCP-XXX is an anomalous biological hazard with traits similar to a virus’ reproduction cycle. It is a blood borne disease that has Three identifiable stages of infection.
Due to the similarities with viral infections, the anomaly is slow to present itself believed to be due to the said viral reproduction cycle. The infection enters the body via through direct contact from body fluids infected with SCP-XXX. Though it is not certain that it is contagious in the first stage of infection.
Once a subject is infected with SCP-XXX in the next 24-48 hours symptoms similar to a mild fever will develop: sweating, loss of appetite and irritability. Though it is to be noted that taking measures that would normally help with a fever will only dull the symptoms or prove ineffective. This is marked as stage one.

Stage two begins roughly 3-4 days after stage one. this is where the anomalous properties of SCP-XXX will begin to manifest as the infected’s blood cell count will double and slowly increase as viscous mucus will also begin to increase. The subject’s heart will also seemingly grow and thicken to better pump the blood. All this is theorized to happen due to the reprogramming or injection of DNA into the body’s cells. At this stage, the subject will continue to sweat profusely but will not suffer from the rest of the previous fever like symptoms. These symptoms will not stop until the subjects expiration. All body fluids are now highly contagious with a transmission rate of 76%-95%.

Within another 3 days Stage Three begins. At this point the subject is covered in sticky sweat and is now extremely aggressive though it appears extremely dehydrated and confused. Thick blood will now begin to poor out of any openings on the body. (i.e. eyes, mouth, ears) the subject will aggressively try to chase and attack any individual near it, though it is not quite known whether this is due to a desire to spread SCP-XXX or out of confused panic and duress.