Its Peter - Invitation for Tea
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SCP-3147, photo taken by Dr.H█████ before he was invited for tea.

Item #: SCP-3147

Object Class: Euclid

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-3147 is to be kept isolated in a Standard Humanoid Containment Chamber with infant's decorations and enough space to roam around.

SCP-3147's chamber must be cleaned weekly. Cleaning procedures are to be made when SCP-3147 appears inactive or anytime not close to 4 o'clock. Anyone that is invited to play with SCP-3147 must be allowed to enter its chamber immediately and to be kept inside until the end of the process.

SCP-3147 is to be fed with no less than three (3) meals a day and must be interacted daily. Toys, and other recreative objects of SCP-3147's interest are to be provided.

"I don't think I have ever felt that much happiness when studying SCP-3417, it is such a pleasing time being around her." -Dr.H█████.

Description: SCP-3147 appears to be a Caucasian six years old girl, approximately 1,12m tall and called by the name █████. SCP-3147 is docile and has generally been cooperative with Foundation staff and compliant with conditions of its containment. SCP-3147 was found in ██████, in its own house while having tea with a robber.

SCP-3147 events are innactives most part of the day, however, during the afternoon approximately at four o'clock, SCP-3147 will start to play "Tea Time" with two stuffed animals, an elephant and a monkey. Attempts of removing the stuffed animals from SCP-3147 for analysis have failed. Upon taking one of them, subject will start to sense the presence of what appears to be an entity, creating a trance state to its holder, which will refuse to answer ordinary communication. During this event, subject will no longer hold the object and will go back to its natural behavior after leaving the room. Upon interrogation, subject did not seem to remember any uncommon manifestations, and did not express any psychological distress. It seems that SCP-3147 is not responsible for these manifestations.

If SCP-3147 invites anyone for "Tea Time", the person invited [ Described as SCP-3147-1 ] will begin to slowly accept the request and will start to play with SCP-3147, losing total capacity of free will [See Addendum 3147/01]. SCP-3147 can make anyone stop any activity to join "Tea Time". In one of these events, one of the security guards was found inside SCP-3147's chamber playing with it.1 People that played with SCP-3147 will occasionally ask when they will be playing again.

Addendum 3147/01:. Interview.

Subjects exposed to SCP-3147 invitations will change from any sort of behavior to extremely docile during the event. Even violent Class-D Personnel showed an uncommon and peaceful behavior with SCP-3147. During the event, SCP-3147-1 will start to call SCP-3147 by the name "Miss █████" even not having knownledge of its name. SCP-3147 does not seem to be bothered with whoever she invites, as long as it has someone to interact with. At the end of "Tea Time", subjects will be back to its natural behavior, and will describe having "such a pleasing time".2

Anyone kept away after being invited by SCP-3147 for approximately 7 minutes, will start to express an anxious behavior at first. After a few hours, subject will refuse to eat and will begin to answer most questions by repeating certain phrases [See Addendum 3147/02]. After three days, subject will show signs similar to severe autism and will attempt to mention SCP-3147 by talking, writting, or drawing. Five days after exposure, subject will lose full capability of communication, and severe manifestations of an unknown liquid will begin to come out throughout the body's pores, spreading rapidly until the body completely [REDACTED], this liquid has shown to be extremely toxic. Seven minutes after the invitation, these side effects will not cease even after SCP-3147-1 comes to interact with SCP-3147, as it will refuses to play and forget about the game.

Addendum 3147/02:. Interview.