ItsPeter - Dangerous Game

SCP-3167. Breaching from Site 23.

Item #: SCP-3167

Object Class: Keter

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-3167 is to be contained in a 5m x 5m x 5m chamber with 3m reinforced steel and an electromagnetic field barrier in between.

SCP-3167 is to be contained in a 3m x 3m x 3m chamber located two-hundred (200) meters bellow sea level, with a 5m reinforced copper wall and a 50cm of vacuum space.

SCP-3167 is unable to be contained with current Foundation technology. Mobile Task Force "Volta 110" has been established to limit the damage caused by SCP-3167 manifestations.

No direct contact with SCP-3167 must be made at any time, direct contact will result in termination by security forces. Any sights of SCP-3167 must be reported immediately to Site Security. The perimeters around the facility must be monitored at all times by security personnel within a 5 miles radius to spot any signs of SCP-3167. After spotting SCP-3167, a distance of fifteen (15) meters must be taken to prevent casualties.

Description: SCP-3167 is a caucasian 7 years old boy with grey eyes and dark hair, approximately 1.08m tall, weighting 21kg, and the absence of a belly button. Its origin remains currently unknown, gathered informations showed that SCP-3167 was found by a family in D█████ and adopted afterwards. Its first manifestation was witnessed by local residents, later on SCP-3147 was found unconscious 2 miles away from the current incident. The foster family bodies are still missing.


SCP-3167's first location of manifestation.

SCP-3167 is able to teleport itself to any location previously visited within a 3 kilometer radius. When doing so, SCP-3167 discharges a series of lightning bolts within an 4 meters radius around itself. These bolts have been measured up to Volts, 200.000 amperes of current and 150 decibels.
SCP-3167 shows no self harm during these discharges and can be casted within a microsecond ( 10-6 ), leaving the area affected with major damage. So far, being exposed to SCP-3167's teleporting radius showed to be completely lethal to the human body. The first and only attempt of interviewing SCP-3167 resulted in a contaiment breach and severe casualties to █ personnel, including Dr.████. [ See Interview Log 3147-01 ]

SCP-3167 will, after teleporting to a new area, immediately attempt to touch the nearest person. Upon doing so, SCP-3167 will vocalize certain phrases [See Incident 3167-01] and will run away before vanishing. Its touch will give the person an electrical shock of approximately 60.000 Volts, rising rapidly after eight (8) seconds. After that, the body will begin to emmit a large series of lighting bolts around the joints, spine and facial parts such as the eyes and mouth, covering a 4 meters radius.


Area affected by SCP-3167.

After a couple seconds, the body 'infected' will rise its voltage to a high inscreased level and will burst to a level where the body will vanish from view, it can also be spread to anyone by physical contact or hit by a lighting strike. This event has been classified as "Volta's Momentum" by Dr.M████. However, it is still unknown if after the burst, the body desintegrates or gets transported to another location/dimension. Further studies required.

Theory shows that the burst of lighting are emmitted throughout the body, with its core being located in the Occiptial Lobe. Therefore, whoever comes to have direct contact with SCP-3167 must be terminated immediately to prevent any further casualties.

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Date: ██/██/20██

Occurance: During a heavy storm at Site 23, Security Forces witnessed SCP-3167 a mile away from the facility. Commander S████ gave the current statement: "it was calling someone"

Statement by Dr.M████:
The most intriguing part is not its abilities, its the beggining! We don't know exactly where it came from, but we know that something made contact with him, "It talked to me" as it was said before. It was given a purpose, but who gave it? What if we are looking at a small piece of the puzzle while the bigger picture is out there in the sky?
I'm talking about something that might be even worse than what we are dealing now…