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Item #: SCP-2790

Object Class: Euclid

Special Containment Procedures:

SCP-2790 is to be contained in a sealed, airtight room, which is to be checked every hour for leaks and breaches. Although SCP-2921 has not shown any aggressive intentions its true nature is yet to be revealed.

Description: SCP-2790 is an ethereal being, not visible to the human eye thought to be similar in stature to a generic humanoid. Measuring approximately 2.10 metres in height. This information was obtained using thermal camera equipment as although SCP-2790 cannot be seen it does give off a thermal signature. SCP-2790’s features still cannot be correctly perceived as the thermal energy SCP-2790 gives off fluctuates aggressively.

SCP-2790 evaporates water in the air and surrounding water supplies as it roams, which it then uses to communicate with. SCP-2790 only heats water in its natural form and ice, the water in the human body is not affected.


SCP-2790 was first encountered in [DATA EXPUNGED] in a regular suburban home. The residents had become unsettled and called the authorities after witnessing unsettling messages written whilst bathing. Examples of such messages include “I see you”; “I’m so very lonely” and perhaps most alarming of all a short poem was discovered after the mother of the family, Mrs.██████ had taken a late night shower:

“I see you, I see you; you're uncovered I see
How lovely the skin on your bones must be
When bathing or shaving or washing your clothes
I’ll be here, your company, just you and me

When you're exposed I see you
Wishing to be with you, watching your children
While they bathe and play
Splish-splash, what a bash
Forever and ever, right here, I’ll be.”

This poem was written from window to window ending on the bathroom mirror in the family’s bathroom. SCP-2790 has not been as poetically inclined since this occurrence.

SCP-2790 responds to speech only. Writing back is not necessary and has been observed to halt SCP-2790’s thermal fluctuations considerably. SCP-2790’s feelings on that matter are yet to be discussed although it has been assumed to cause SCP-2790 to go into a state of depression as any attempts to converse with SCP-2790 in this way have been ineffective and have ended with SCP-2790 being inactive for up to 72 hours.

SCP-2790 has also coined the nickname “Jack Frost” from a recent experiment by Dr.██████ in which SCP-2790’s containment chamber’s temperature was decreased to below 0°C. SCP-2790 was recorded to proceed to draw decorative shapes and patterns in the frost that collected within the chamber.