Dr. Wyclif's Office and Workbench

You've reached the office of Dr. Wyclif. If you are still reasonably sane after the tone, please leave a message. Thank you.

Under construction
"Buy Me NOW!"
Under construction, low priority.
Weapons of the Late Legion
Under construction, low priority.
The Quest for the Grail
Under construction, low priority.
001 Proposal
In the percolation stage, ultra-low priority.


SCP-XXXX: Green Fields

Tale: Thesis
Solidifying from nebulous thoughts, low-med priority.

Tale: Tacos, Time, and Talk of Treason.
Rough idea, needs more world building.

Tale: Scrub Week
Rough idea, needs more world building.

Addendum: Cast Notes
Permanent state of flux as lore changes.

This section covers the beginning of a potential canon/site I'd like to work up. These tales will explore Foundation HR, hiring/firing policies, uneasy truces for the betterment of society, and of course, how Memetics work. Other fun things include: Where people go when they retire!

Two Sentance Summary:
Young Mr. Wyclif draws some odd scribbles that cause mice to go berserk. Further research yields a dead partner and a very unorthodox doctoral defense.