JackEvereds's collection of drafts and nonsensicals

Those motherfuckers don't know what's coming. I'm about to tear the shit out of the class of '03. I'm writing this in case I become famous someday, or if things go wrong here. This may also be my, well, not suicide note, I don't want to die. But the stuff in this book, well, let me just say I might not have the whole situation under control. But the ASSHOLES who TORMENTED ME for 4 YEARS wont know SHIT when I have the control. They wouldn't even look at me, y'know? "Oooh, just ignore the loser over there with the clay, he wants to be an Art Major in college, what an idiot, doesnt he know that won't get you anywhere in life?" They just sat there and laughed. Well they'll all be looking at me now! I'll make em look at me!

How, you ask. You'll know if you're reading this, but I found a totally legit spellbook. A fucking spellbook! And I thought that crap was fake. I don't know much about spells. I like racing animes, not fantasy animes. But that's another reason why I'm a loner. There have been some image boards popping up that I frequent, but its not the same as a real conversation to be honest. No one takes the internet seriously.

So I just looked at the book, and I found a spell that makes the cursed person have actual shit and blood follow them forever. Can you imagine, actual shit and blood with "every step you take"? Oh my god, that's definitely getting used. The only problem is, you need a smooth, stone altar to make any of the spells work.

The only smooth ground in my house is in the garage. It's night time, and it gets really dark in there. I'm not a wuss though, and there will be candles, so I'm not really worried. I don't usually go in there during the night, but it's where I keep my projects.

What kind of projects? Well, I just did the preliminary spray on my so far untitled piece, and its a little creepy to look at right now, but it's not done yet. When it's done, it's supposed to show how even if your body is not quite perfect, you can still have a "big head", a great mind. I've never been really fit, so I thought it would be a reminder to people who had been treated bad cause they were fat or whatever. I don't know, I'm just not that good at the messages behind my art. Maybe I'm not cut out for sculpturing.

NO! FUCK THAT! THAT'S JUST WHAT THOSE ASSHATS BACK AT SCHOOL HAVE BEEN POUNDING INTO MY HEAD! I need to do the ritual now. I'm tired of waiting. I need to calm down. I can feel my pulse in my neck.

Problem is, I only have materials for the spell that brings shit and blood to follow my enemies. The one I really want, the one the kills people if they don't worship me (or just look at me, the translation is only as good as the Sanskrit book I read), that takes an eyeball. An actual human eyeball. Or looking glass, again, really hard to tell. It also needs an effigey, which is kinda like a voodoo doll or something, but I don't have time to make that, I need to do it now.

Screw it, I have a ton of clear marbles that I use to melt in clay, that will do the looking glass,and as for the voodoo doll thing, I'll make due.

If you're reading this Josh, fuck you. Fuck you and all your buddies. I'm not gay, I've never been gay, and anime doesn't make you gay. If anything, you're gay, because you hang out with dudes all the time. Fuck you too, Mag, I wasn't good enough for you? Huh? Well I better be damned good enough now or you'll be in major trouble, won't you? I'm going to the garage, and afterwards, you'll pay for what you've done.

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