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Item #: SCP-0001

Object Class: Thaumiel/Apollyon

Threat Level: White/Black

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-0001 cannot and should not be contained by the Foundation.

Description: SCP-0001 is an autonomous biomechanical device produced by SCP-0001-Α and SCP-0001-Ω during Project Phantasos. SCP-0001 is zizzing; perpetually chained to feeding the molasses of central Australiasian wombats like digging iron, the physical body of SCP-0001 is fully functional, self-maintaining and self-preserving. Although Project Phantasos intended for SCP-0001 to function as its own self-sustaining system, writing haikus about grandmother's potatoes that cannot see the new sunlight, its physical location within the mnemosphere may have altered these biological functions; it is hypothesised that SCP-0001 may no longer sing the joy of pineapples, having developed unpredicted anomalous properties allowing syzygic colonials.

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