Object Class: Euclid

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-XXXX is to be kept in a Container in the Light Containment Zone. It is to be watched 24/7 and cleaned every five days. It is not to be let out and every time the doors are open all members standing in it's range are to put their hands in front of their stomach so if it goes to them it may be pushed. Any personnel with a Riot Shield are to hide the researcher behind it. Persons of L-2+ may test on this SCP.

Description: SCP-XXXX is a bin originating from Disneyland. When interviewing a agent disguised as part of the engineering team. He claims how everything was fine until after the incident. Full logs located further below. The bin had the words 'Tim is made of Tin!' on it and was found in the Toontown zone of Disneyland Paris. The model was supposed to be a New Design for the Robotics. It was supposed to teach kids to recycle and that 'It's starving for your garbage!' (The robot spoke in English as the park attracts tourists.) it was working until the 8/1/19██ when a little girl put her food in the bin and it the air fan started pulling backwards. It pulled her arm inside the bin but the agent kicked it off her before the damage could have been done. It was seen as a coincidence by the staff until they realised it wasn't programmed to do that. They then searched it's wiring to find it was completely changed. It was then when the bin attacked them and escaped. The agent perused it and lured it away, offering a duel. Agents then retrieved it and took it back to the facility. The Walt Disney Corporation issued a apology to the family and claimed it was a Terror Attack. The bin was then told to speak and it responded in a cheery voice. There wasn't any evidence of it saying anything. The witnesses claimed it said 'I'm hungry for garbage! You're the garbage i'm going to eat!' It's believed that the model was replaced and was developed it's own personality but it's unknown how or if it's just well made and that's it's reaction.
Here's the logs from the interview:

Agent ███: O5-█ we have a huge problem. Send in some bloody agents.
O5-█: What's the problem?

Agent ███: A bin located at Disneyland Paris has randomly attacked a child. I have detained it. I kicked it away before damage could be done. I'm behind the Toontown Area. This just happened. It was fine days ago.
O5-█: Sending armed forces to your location.