Object Class: Euclid

Special Containment Procedures: SPC-1619 is to be contained in a plastic container 25cm x 25cm x 25cm with no metal substance or material in or around the SCP-1619. Only Clearance Level 3 personnel are permitted to approach SCP-1619, and only while wearing specially designed plastic suits with absolutely no skin exposed.

Description: SCP-1619 is a rough wooden cube 5cm x 5cm x 5cm with an identical carving of a star on every side.

It has been observed to make any metallic objects, substances, and even elements on a molecular level, combust. Metallic things will begin to grow extremely hot, and then explode. Size and strength of the explosion vary depending the density of the object.

Origin: SCP-1619 was discovered in 19— by a group of miners who came across it in a coal mine located in [REDACTED], Russia. Their equipment became red hot and combusted, killing 3 instantly and causing parts of the mine to collapse, killing [REDACTED]. The reports of the survivors (see attached document) attracted the Foundation's attention and an investigation took place under the guise of a rescue crew.

Upon approaching the origin of the incident, the crew's equipment also began to heat up, prompting them to discard it and run. The equipment exploded and revealed SCP-1619. The crew began feeling feverish and hot and the pain intensified as they approached SCP-1619. It was concluded that SCP-1619 was the cause of the metal's combustion and was also trying to combust the iron in the blood of the crew. Testing indicated that plastic acted as a shield to SCP-1619's effects, and it was packaged and sent to research facility [REDACTED]

It is not known what causes this phenomenon, but tests indicate metals affected are heated so fast, they exceed their melting and boiling points and go immediately to their combustion points. Extreme caution should be observed when preparing to handle SCP-1619. No open skin should be exposed and all jewelry should be removed before entering the containment area.

Survivor Report 1619-A
Alexie Vetrov
"We were just taking a break, and Grisha was sitting on the east wall when I noticed his pick axe glowing red. I told him and he picked it up. Then… Sorry… the axe just blew his fucking arm off. It was horrible. His blood was on fire somehow and he was just screaming… Oh god his screams…"

Mikhail Zaytsev
"When Grisha's axe blew up, Niko ran to help him and his fucking boots blew up! Blew his legs right off. Grisha was practically on fire. His skin was turning black and he wasn't moving. It was horrible… Absolutely horrible.

Niko Katin
"My legs… Oh god… I… I just remember a feeling in my toes like they were on fire. I was wearing my steel toed boots and… They just fucking exploded… Oh god…"