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3:12 AM 10/2/2015
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"Doctor Kent"
Clayton sat down, looking across the table at his quarry, the lamp on the desk casting a grim shadow of each man's face upon the other's gaze, each unfamiliar to the other if only in this moment, "is there a problem?" Doctor Kent looked slightly flustered, a dark black and blue bruise beginning to manifest on the Doctor's forehead.

"Yes Doctor Kent, there is a problem, not only have you failed to make a report on your project since last week, but the MTF training facility was also recently destroyed due to the aforementioned project."

Doctor Kent threaded his fingers, looking at the report with a wry smile, "the reason for the lack of communication on my part is that I no longer report to your department, Clayton, I report directly to the Ethics committee."

Clayton sits back in his chair, "who's the corresponding 05?" he clicks his pen, ready to take down information, "05-48." answers Doctor Kent, who's look of amusement became more pronounced as he watched Clayton write the number down, "we may not be the ethics community, but as reports go-" Doctor Kent sat up in his seat, smile simply growing wider as he then moved to recline in his chair, "you still want to know what's been going on since last week."

Clayton breathed a sigh, "yes, Doctor Kent, that is exactly what my department wants." Doctor Kent sighed, "Alright, then I'll tell you everything."

"on October 3rd 2003, The Foundation came into possession of 5 young children, all from different places, all of them very young. I observed them and Then I came to a conclusion, that the abilities of these children, if they were able to be channeled in the right direction, could be considered Thaumiel class objects. so I went to the Ethics committee, who, after listening to my Hypothesis, decided to allow me to try, but if results did not show in the first month, they would cut my funding."

Clayton furrowed his brow and began to write, "tell me their numbers."

Doctor Kent chuckled, "oh no, we don't use their numbers anymore, after the Ethics committee saw the results, they approved my project and I allowed them to choose their own code names. this was advised by the surveying O5 as a tactic to make them feel in control and at ease, seeing as that was the only choice they would have for the next few years of their lives."

Clayton nodded his head, "dealing with children that seems logical, tell me their code names then." Doctor Kent nodded, "Agent Green had the ability to regenerate tissue, but the severed or destroyed tissue would only regenerate if Green had consumed enough meat to heal the wound, and if a whole limb was severed, a leg, an arm, both if he's severed at the waist, or even his head, it would animate and attempt to reconnect to Agent Green's body."

Clayton blinked at his notepad, "It seems a bit cartoonish."

Doctor Kent shook his head, "a bit, but when you see it for yourself it borders on Ghoulish, once separated from his body, Green's limbs or what have you, have a mind of their own, searching out any meat they can find, absorbing it via osmosis and then re attaching themselves to the main body."

Clayton shuddered, "tell..tell me about the others."