Aydin Protocal

Heimdall Contingency 046- Aydin

Abstract:- Psycho-morphosis refers to an induced change in human psyche. Human psyche is a function of neurostructure, which in turn is a function of environment, thus could be altered without supernatural aid, given sufficient knowledge in human neurostructure. Aydin Protocal, as part of Project Heimdall, is contingency analysis for HE invasion involving psycho-morphotic capabilities. Aydin Protocal concerns HEs with the intent to induce mass psycho-morphosis to general population. Whether their ultimate goal is to induce reconfiguration, dominance shift, or dead greenhouse is of no relevance - Aydin Protocal focuses on reducing and counteracting hostile mass psycho-morphosis.

Introduction:- The Foundation has its own arsenal of psycho-morphotic methods as part of routine containment procedures, from conventional categories such as interrogation, amnestics, to unconventional ones such as memetic agents and [Data Expunged]. For their familiarity, cost-benefits, and time-proven effectiveness, it is reasonable to develop new strategies based on our current methods.

Regardless the type of psycho-morphosis, Foundation’s countermeasure is based on the principle of:
Avoidance - preventing psycho-morphosis,
Hindrance - reducing the rate and range of influence, and
Reversion - reducing the number of affected population.
Secrecy of Foundation is expendable if and only if all other options proved ineffective.

The following a non-exhaustive list of the adaptation of the the aforementioned principles in different scenarios.

Physical Psycho-Morphosis
Such psycho-morphosis is achieved either through physical augmentations, necessitating large scale abduction or physical vectors such as virus and nano-machines. Cognito-hazards embedded in physical medium such as sound waves, EM wave also fall to this category.

As the number of affected population increases, sooner or later the general public will be aware and alerted (unless the process is carried out slowly and covertly, such case is discussed in"Covert-Psycho-Morphosis" below), reactionary responses from governmental apparatus may ease or worsen foundation’s burdens, depending on the nature of HE. Thus foundation’s effort on anti-psycho-morphosis should focus on guiding governmental responses. Therefore the three principles translate to assisting in evacuating and quarantining population centres, halting and or destroying abducting entities, and abductee rescues (or patient treatment). As these courses of action overlaps heavily with military (or micro-hazard) preparation, future implementer of Aydin Protocal for this scenario must maintain close collaboration with armed forces (governmental or not) and health organisations worldwide through embedded agents.

Foundation’s most irreplaceable form of assistance lies in assisting in developing early warning systems and area-denial systems, and if necessary, accelerate development through knowledge transfer by embedded agents. Special caution must be made to ensure that such development is consistent with Foundation’s understanding of science, as there is an ever increasing track record of SCPs resulted from failed governmental experiments. The creation of uncontained SCPs in the middle of an extra-terrestrial conflict could be disastrous. Further discussion falls to military and micro-hazard preparation, please refer to Heimdall Contingency ███- ██████████.


If cognito-hazard is the mechanism of psycho-morphosis, existing anti-cognito-hazard techniques could be scaled up to counter it’s effect. These include signal blocking, noise saturation and (if possible) destructive interference. Global hardware and information infrastructure should be adjusted accordingly to accommodate changes to daily life of general public. To deal with possible large scale infection, treatment centres should be built in rural areas (preferably adopting standard failsafe of Foundation research sites. For details, please refer to document █████████████) for centralised amnestic treatment, denaturation treatment, memory reconstruction or termination. In particular, massive memory reconstruction calls for large scale memory collection and maintenance, as standard memory templates are destructive to social fabric if applied en masse. Thus the Foundation should collaborate with governments to install collection device in places with high and unbiased population flow, such as checkpoints, ports and hospitals. This calls for a convincing pretext such as threat of pandemic, war and terrorism. Depending on Project Heimdall’s threat assessment, social instability could be induced to remove public opposition and accelerate infrastructure adjustment.

Update: As of ██/██/████, based on the report on [Data Expunged], memory collection and infrastructure adjustment have be been approved unanimously by O5 council. A modified strain of █████ ████████ virus is scheduled to be released in ████ in █████. Mr. ██████ ███ █████, Secretary General of ██████ █████ Province of ████████ ████████ ██ █████ has agreed to delay medical responses as long as possible. Simultaneously, several armed conflicts are to be created or escalated across the world, including ██████████████████████████████████. Contingency Planning Operations estimates a net increase in military readiness regardless of overall casualty, and memory collection is scheduled to enter maintenance phase before ████.


In the aftermath of psycho-morphosis, two possibilities exist. One is that the subject’s psyche is altered - his abnormal behaviour is caused by a deviation of basic principle and thought process from normal human. Another is that the psyche remains intact - it is the target’s distorted perception of reality that leads to abnormal behaviour. The later case is called Pseudo-psycho-morphosis, which deserves special discussion due to the possibility for a low cost countermeasure. Such case is detectable through a combination of Electroencephalography, hypnosis and sense-deprivation. Its prevention is same as cognito-psycho-morphosis, while hindrance and reversion could be easier. More specially, subject’s intact psyche could be exploited to combat his own abnormal behaviours through active suppression of abnormal perception (e.g. by surgical or pharmaceutical means) and active compensation of normal perception through psychotherapy and implants. However, the complicated procedures pose an limit to the scale and speed of reversion operations, let along the inherent uncertainty in psyche’s reaction to rapid change in perception. Hibernation chambers could be built to give extra buffer time for treatment queue. A more economic solution would be to build concentration camps for housing the infected, with air sprayed sedatives to reduce resistance. Currently, social experiments in the name of “positive psychology” and “motivation post” are underway to test human psyche's upper limit to act against perception.

This scenario includes both memetic hazards and contagious pathogens. In the most general sense, it means each infected is also a carrier. In this case, prevention and hindrance have the same meaning of segregating and isolating population pockets. Material, energy and information exchange has to be strictly controlled, preferably by Foundation agents. Besides countermeasures discussed in previous sections, If the infestation grows exponentially and becomes unstoppable, Foundation’s operation directive should shift from minimising casualty to preserving a recoverable population. Effort should be focused on reducing risk of universal infection, followed by Scorched Earth policy. Suggested measures include decentralisation up to the highest level of command, purposeful creation of isolated pockets, global deployment of infection killer such as modified Berryman-Langford Memetic Agent, and preemptive nuclear destruction of population centres to limit potential carriers. In worse scenarios, the Foundation may have to utilise its cloning facilities to compensate for the loss of population, while the source of infection always tax a portion of them, reaching a stalemate between human and the HE. Since this already constitutes a SK-Class-Dominance-Shift-Scenario, Protocol [Data Expunged] should override all existing directives in effect, [Data Expunged] until integration is completed.

If the HE operates with secrecy in mind, this means hindrance is difficult if not possible at initial stage, as the psycho-morphotic mechanism is likely to achieves self-sustainability on earth by the time of discovery. Therefore it is paramount to reinforce prevention measures. Assume that the HE must utilise proxy agents or detached cells in order to prolong secrecy, prevention measures begin by global random sampling of civilians for interrogation, followed by amnestic treatment or termination. Organisations are also to be randomly scanned for abnormal behaviour. Sampling of such scale gives rise to two challenges, namely the difficulty to maintain secrecy, and the definition of "normal behaviour”. The solution is to prompt a national government to create a global intelligence network in the name of national defence, and use embedded agents to override it’s original mission.

Update: As of ████, the █████ project of ██████ ██████ ██ ███████ proves an suitable candidate, and embedded agents were successful inserted to key positions inside the network, despite minor episodes. Future independent initiatives by other nation states should also be integrated to the joint effort as such.

If covert-psycho-morphotic HE’s presence is confirmed, Foundation’s initial control of world situation should be used to its full advantage. If urgency is not yet a concern, it is preferred to limit interfering HE activities in order to develop and insert contagious agents for future monitoring, containment or extermination. If urgency requires immediate response, preemptive strikes of HE fronts and potential HE fronts are to be launched, followed by arrest, interrogation, reversion and or termination. Proxy warfare between Foundation fronts and HE fronts is to be expected. If standard espionage, sabotage, and intelligence warfare proves insufficient to develop means to eliminate HE’s threat, escalation to overt opposition should be taken place, carried out by national governments. Preferably a plan of extermination could be carried out simultaneously to maximise surprise.