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Item #: SCP-XXXX

Object Class: Safe

Special Containment Procedures: Primary containment measure of SCP-XXXX is deployment and maintenance of Scranton Reality Anchors throughout Zone-XXXX-b, with a priority placed on stabilising foundation sites and civilian hubs. Zone-XXXX-b is operating under a 0V-Class lifted veil scenario, so all civilians and low class personal within Zone-XXXX-b have functionally been granted level 2 clearance, with appropriate restrictions.

In addition Foundation resources in Zone-XXXX-b are to be partially devoted to acting as a high security anomaly resistant data storage and management, in addition to performing periodic interviews of Foundation personal in Zone-XXXX-a to monitor for further anomalous activity related to SCP-XXXX.

The Foundation, all civilian governments, all know GOIs, POIs, and any other inhabitants of Zone-XXXX-b are to moniter Zone-XXXX-b for any anomalous phenomena. Should any anomalous phenomena be found it is to be classified as Keter and all possible foundation resources should be allotted to finding the origin of the anomaly.

Description: SCP-XXXX was a CK-Class reality restructuring event that occurred on 2016/10/14 at 23:59:59 resulting in the immediate cessation of existence for the southern hemisphere of Earth, along with 50% of every known celestial body. The remaining reality, hereby designated Zone-XXXX-a experienced a significant rewrite of the laws of physics. Gravity in Zone-XXXX-a instead of being a weak force that attracts all matter to all matter, is an acceleration down, the direction of down now being a universal constant.

All celestial bodies had the remaining hemisphere mapped to the flat planer on the upwards facing surface of a cylinder with a matching depth to the original planet's radius. The cylinder being made of similar materials to the planets upper crusts, with the exception of stars which are flat disks with a bright and dark side. These disks rotate such that they face the planets near them for roughly the same length of time that the planet would normally have daylight for.

All information records, including biological memories and physical records in the northern hemisphere were altered to suggest that this has always been the case.

Site-914 now SCP-XXXX-1 was a reality anchored site for the storage of safe reality warping artefacts that was bisected by the original phenomena. The intersection of the site exhibits phenomena not normally seen by objects and location bisected by SCP-XXXX. The sheered off plane of the station acts as a window to Zone-XXXX-b through which energy can pass, including kinetic energy via vibration in the window itself, but through which matter cannot pass.

Zone-XXXX-b is formerly the southern hemisphere of Earth. Zone-XXXX-b only exists within the effective range of a powered operation Scranton Reality Anchor. Should an anchor be moved in such a way that it is no longer in range of anything, it will cease to exist. Should an anchor be brought in range of where it would be if it did exist it will resume existing.

During SCP-XXXX all anomalous objects and entities were transfereed by unknown means to the norther hemisphere. Non new anomalous activity has been noted in Zone-XXXX-b.

Interview XXXX-7:

Zone-XXXX-a representative: Prof L████ ███

Zone-XXXX-a representative: Dr T██ █████(designated as SCP-XXXX-3 at the time of the interview due to his unverified identity)

Foreword: An early interview, conducted with the intention of verifying the identity of the inhabitants of Zone-XXXX-b using information provided by O5-██, O5-██, O5-██ and O5-██.

<Begin Log>

Prof L████ ███: Hello SCP-XXXX-3. I would just like to ask some control questions first, again. For the record.

Dr T██ █████: Hey L████, yeah ask away. Ive got the verification messages from the O5s that were over here, so ask once you have your control.

Prof L████ ███: Right, well, you claim that you are Dr T██ █████, and that you are a level 3 Foundation researcher, is that correct?

Dr T██ █████: Yes.

Prof L████ ███: And we formally worked together? Prior to the reality restructuring.

Dr T██ █████: Yep. Shared an office at one point.

Prof L████ ███: And you say I come form a country called Australia?

Dr T██ █████: At least thats what you told me.

Prof L████ ███: And finally some information on Australia. Its a largely deserted continent, inhabited primarily by people of British descent, and its national animal is a large bouncing rat, which gives birth to live young, but then stores this young in a skin pouch untill it is further matured?

Dr T██ █████: sigh Yes.

Prof L████ ███: And these bouncing rats, Kangaroos you said, theyre not anomalous?

Dr T██ █████: Yes. I thought the last question was the last one?

Prof L████ ███: It was, I was just curious. Right well, give me the codes, and will get to checking their authenticity. We wont be exposing the O5 directly to them I hope you know? Or anywhere near them in fact.

Dr T██ █████: I know, thats we dont have one of them doing this interview themselves.


<End Log>