Object Class: Thaumiel
Harbinger in his dormant phase.


Special Containment Procedure:
SCP-{?>%ERROR@#/) is to be contained in Site █████████, SCP-{;=+ERROR£"¬) is required to be placed in a carbon-fiber laced concrete cell, the containment cell must be submerged in methyl mercury to prevent escape. Four (4) fourteen (14) megaton nuclear warheads are primed at all times in the event of a breach, instant incapacitation of SCP-{&!"ERROR/-`} is necessary to prevent a universal disaster. A secondary site is available in ████████ █████████.
Site █████████ contains eight (8) five (5) megaton nuclear warheads on high alert which can be directed to Site █████████ or detonated in Site █████████.
Transportation of SCP-{)(^ERROR$><} is delicate, a convoy of Mobile Task Force Operatives are required to deliver SCP-{D13ERRORD13} via a methyl mercury filled concrete block, if transportation time exceeds five (5) hours, the convoy must be terminated by nuclear weaponry.
Should the Chaos Insurgency learn of SCP-{^&^ERROR$£"}, everyone previously involved with SCP-{01=ERROR-£4} is required to be administered class A amnesiacs each day for a week to ensure that all knowledge is lost in the event of kidnapping.

SCP-{U7GERRORI2S} is a robed figure with no body excepts for hands and feet which are concealed by a thin black substance, the thin black substance is similar to an ooze and constantly flows down from SCP-{7&^ERROR£"!}'s legs and arms
despite the constant flow of the substance, it is solid and has a smooth texture similar to that of marble.
Underneath SCP-{$$"ERROR@~?}'s robe is a ledger inscribed with an unknown language, the ledger is incapable of being damaged despite numerous controlled attempts at damaging it (refer to Addendum 105-1).
SCP-{/?.ERROR$%^} transforms into a dormant phase when in sight of people, there is no footage or image of SCP-{^£$ERROR_0*} when he is not in dormancy, it is unknown however if he turns to a dormant state whilst outside of captivity.

SCP-{*&"ERROR!&^} was discovered in █████████, █████████ by Agent
█████████ █████████, Agent █████████ █████████ refuses to discuss any details about SCP-{"£!ERROR*^&} for unknown reasons. SCP-{$£*ERROR?/|} was transported to Site █████████ and studied, soon after being studied, SCP-{£$!ERROR*&^} was later transported to Site █████████ after being deemed highly dangerous.

Addendum 2008/12/06, Dr.█████████:
"We ran a simulation of what SCP-{*&%ERROR£"$} is possibly capable of, from what we've seen, he could cause an end of world scenario and has been deemed as a Thaumial for the time being, i'll give a brief summary of what we saw… We saw SCP-{$"?ERROR+=*} force a planet to implode, we don't know how but we believe that SCP-{%^/ERROR@~#} utilizes the energy from the core of the planet to further his strength, we do not understand why SCP-{*~#ERROR%$?} has not absorbed our planets core yet, from now on we are on the highest alert.

Addendum 2009/04/13, Dr.█████████:
"Per the request of Dr. █████████, attempts at damaging the mysterious ledger have proven unsuccessful despite the numerous attempts, one such included blocks of remotely detonated charges, no damage was caused to the ledger or SCP-{£$£ERROR^&%}."

Addendum 2009/05/12, Dr. █████████:
"Today, at exactly 4… 4:07pm on the 12th of May 2009 we had our first death, Dr. █████████ succumb to some form of telepathy that killed him, he just dropped dead at a monitor."

Addendum 2009/05/13, Dr. █████████:
"We've decided to name SCP-{5%$ERROR*&^} Harbinger because it all does is torment us, Dr. █████████ died today, the same way that █████████ died.
We've also noticed a possible glitch in the system, every mention of Harbinger has just been garbled code and an error, it's likely just a malfunction but we don't know yet."

Addendum 2009/07/18, Dr. █████████:
"Harbinger nearly escaped today, the methyl mercury just froze over and disappeared, we had to use the emergency supply, I was certain we were going to either die by Harbingers… hands? Or the warheads, we got lucky."

Addendum 2010/02/04, Dr. █████████:
"We just received news that a warhead prematurely detonated at Site █████████, there were no survivors, I had friends there… █████████ was a good man, still owed me that drink and █████████, well he was… he was my brother.
We received an emergency broadcast from Site █████████… here, i'll play it."

[1.0]: <Garbled sirens & yelling>
[1.1]: (Dr. █████████) █████████, are you there? Please, tell me you are!
[1.2]: (Dr. █████████) I… I guess you aren't… but this is it for me, the nukes are detonating and we can't deactivate them, we don't know how this has happened, maybe it was Harbinger, you did say he had-
[1.3]: <Static>
[1.4]: (Dr. █████████) Hello? Who is this?
[1.5]: <End of recording>