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The front cover of SCP-XXXX (digital version is safe to view)

Item #: SCP-XXXX

Object Class: Safe Elucid

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-XXXX is stored in a locked container in Storage Site-23. SCP-XXXX is to be stored in a triple-locked chamber in Site-██. Closed circuit cameras and weight sensors are installed to monitor change in mass. The entrance is to be guarded by 4 armed security officers at all time. Considering the threat it poses to the Foundation, in case of a security breach in Storage Site-23, SCP-XXXX must be destroyed. All researchers involving with SCP-XXXX should be informed of its effects in prior and the object must be handled by D class personnel.

Description: SCP-XXXX is a DK First Encyclopedia published in July 2002. The object's shares the same physical properties with normal books, and can be damaged permanently.It is capable of teleportation, dissemble and resemble itself by unknown means. Its content largely deviants from the original copy, which includes several obvious inaccuracies, including: "There are fifteen (15) planets in the solar-system.", "Human have four (4) lungs and three (3) hearts." and "Spiders are Insects."etc.

After being read by a person (hereby dubbed as the subject) with scientific background for more than 2 minutes, subject will started to believe that it excels in particular fields and what it read is true, regardless of subjects' educational level and prior knowledge. Also, the object has a weak compulsive effect to encourage subjects to keep reading. However, this can be countered by knowing its effects, or being told off. If undisturbed, subjects will continue to finish it.

From this stage forward, subjects will try to convince others to agree with its content and read the object. If questioned or challenged, which happens quite often, subjects will react violently and may cause physical harm to others or themselves. Without intervention or treatment, most subjects(96.4%) eventually seek violence or extreme methods to 'prove' themselves, of which 75.6% have involved severe depression, paranoia, suicide and homicide. These effects can be reverted by extensive cognitive therapy or Class A Amnesiacs, however this will be increasingly difficult as subjects' beliefs are reinforced over time.

In the light of Incident XXXX-126584, all testings of SCP-XXXX are suspended indefinitely.- O5-7

Addendum XXXX-A: On 12/04/20██, Dr. ██████ █████████, a researcher specialized in art related SCPs, received a package containing SCP-XXXX and a bookmark with following text:

Sometimes, not believing what is true is as ignorant as believing what is not true. But who is to be the judge?

Dr. ██████ was also the first subject of SCP-XXXX and subsequently led to the discovery of SCP-XXXX as she assaulted her superiors in an argument of whether plasma is a state of matter. Class-A amnesiac was administered and returned to her position after a paid-leave. No fingerprints was found on packaging materials and mailing address led back to Dr. ██████'s house.

Incident XXXX-126584: On ██/██/████, six (6) pages of SCP-XXXX were pasted on the notice board of Cafeteria in Site-██, having the same effects and strength as its original form. The resulting chaos caused ██ injuries, and was contained with sleeping gas and ███ security officers equipped with riot gears. SCP-XXXX disappeared and reappeared within its locker three (3) days after the event, along with a note:

You people don't get it, do you? You see, there are things in the world that kill and destroy, but you are worse. You are so sure about yourselves and hold dear to this unfounded confidence, that's why you can put a girl in living hell again and again, that's why you can wipe out a little town without a slightest sense of guilt. "This has to be done." you say to yourself, but is it? Or are you too much a coward to face the truth that what you did are worse? After all, we are merely flesh and bone.

No marks and fingerprints were found on the note and suspected organizations were proven uninvolved. Identification and apprehension of the individual or group behind this incident are in high priority.