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Object Class: Safe

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-SPOOK is to be held in a standard containment locker in Site-19.

SCP-SPOOK is a woman's handbag of white and tan leather, 37 cm in length, 12 cm high, with a depth of 10 cm. Visual inspection of SCP-SPOOK's contents reveal it to contain one (1) key ring holding two (2) keys, one (1) tube of L'Oréal Infallible Pro-Matte Lip Gloss (Shanghai Scarlet), four (4) crumpled receipts, and seven (7) loose pennies. Any item contained in SCP-SPOOK may be removed various means, so long as no human being attempts to reach into the bag to remove the item. Items not originally found in SCP-SPOOK may be added or removed from the bag at will, again excepting any action resulting in a human placing their hand into the bag.

The anomalous qualities of SCP-SPOOK manifest when a human being attempts to reach into the handbag's single open compartment. Any human hand passing through the opening of the handbag will not arrive in SCP-SPOOK's interior. Instead, human hands passing through the entrance of SCP-SPOOK appear to enter a trans-dimensional rift of varying origin. This rift is not present in SCP-SPOOK normally, and will only appear upon attempted entry of a human hand into the bag.

After attempted entry of a human hand into SCP-SPOOK, subjects typically report no loss of sensation or function in the portion of their hand and arm submerged in the bag. They will typically go on to describe that all sensation in their submerged limb suggests that it is not in the interior of a handbag. Descriptions of sensations reported by test subjects are generally inconsistent, with the only consistency being that the subject believes their hand is no longer inside SCP-SPOOK. Appropriately, attempted entry of a human hand into SCP-SPOOK will not result in any noticeable displacement of the inside of the bag that would suggest that a human hand was present. Similarly, SCP-SPOOK will not gain the weight consistent with a human hand when weighed before and during attempted entry.

Once a human hand has entered SCP-SPOOK, it will be impossible to remove said hand until the subject picks something up. Attempting to remove an empty hand will result in an irresistibly strong force preventing any of the submerged limb from emerging from the bag. This force is described as far too powerful to overcome, but not painful. The force is strong enough to resist the efforts of other individuals or machines attempting to free the subject. Only when the subject has picked something up and is holding it in their hand is it possible to pull the submerged limb free from the bag without interference.

No item removed from SCP-SPOOK by a human hand was present in the bag before attempted entry. Rather, items removed from this SCP appear to have been drawn from the varied locales visited by the submerged limbs of test subjects. The items are chosen at random by test subjects and can be stored for further experimentation upon removal from SCP-SPOOK. [DATA EXPUNGED]

Test Log SCP-SPOOK attached for further info.