Jazzy Doom

[[tab M. Night Shyamalin's The Happening Part 2]]
Working title.

Subterranean plant people ahoy:

  • Lichen-based perhaps, some sort of plant which thrives in an underground or cave-like environment, plus characteristics of "flypaper" type carnivorous plants.

** Most likely going with tuberous sundews as the base plant.

  • Sapient, intelligent enough to have established tool use, organized social groups and trade, and to be capable of communication with humans.
  • Sensory organs??? Would it make sense for them to be blind and/or deaf or is that extraneous detail?
  • Entirely carnivorous, capable of subsisting on cave fauna but they've got a pretty sweet deal going with their trade setup with the nearby humans, which provides large animals, thereby cutting down on the amount of time and effort required to reliably feed the plant-person population (plantpulation)
  • They've figured out that cultivating plants and maybe even excavating useful or valuable minerals from underground are good bets for trade with people in exchange for livestock

The setup:

  • Exploration log or "found footage" style following a group's exploration into one of the caverns with a local guide (undecided on who exactly is doing the exploring; leaning towards civilians, with a framing device of this being footage recovered or sent to news sources, and an ending note from some Foundation official giving the go-ahead for a containment effort)
  • Initial working location is rural England, but this is subject to change depending on choice of base plants (possibly moving to Australia) Moving to Australia confirmed, low population density in the outback works better with what I'm envisioning.

Progress notes:

  • Removed deadly nightshade since that was mainly for aesthetic purposes and doesn't quite fit with envisioned geography (ie caves and areas with poor soil)