Jensen Roberts

Item #: SCP-XXXX

Object Class: Euclid

Special Containment Procedures: A two meter tall chain link fence with barbed wire is to surround the property boundaries to keep all unauthorized persons out. The main gate at the front of the premises is to remain secured and under surveillance. Two researchers are to be posted at the surveillance station located just inside the premises near the main gate. Two armed guards are to be posted outside the main gate. Four guards are to be posted in the guard station located opposite of the surveillance station. The intercom system between the two stations is to be up to date and used if any unauthorized persons are found attempting to enter the premises. If any unauthorized persons are found, the guards are to locate them and escort them off the premises via the guard jeep at the guard station. Neither guards nor researchers are to enter SCP-XXXX with level 4 clearance.

Description: SCP-XXXX is an old crumbling walkthrough haunted house attraction located 8 kilometers from civilization. It is 4.2 meters tall grey building with the façade of a haunted mansion. It has a corroded sign that reads “Nightmare House” located above the main door into SCP-XXXX. It has a deserted parking lot located to the south of the premises that is overgrown with grass and weeds. It was noted that no animals have been observed on SCP-XXXX's premises, although, hundreds of ant and termite colonies have been found all over the premises and within SCP-XXXX.

Inquiry of the town of ████████ has revealed that the townsfolk fear SCP-XXXX, and a large majority refuses to go near it after a failed attempt to destroy SCP-XXXX. SCP-XXXX use to be a popular seasonal attraction. It closed down after its owner went missing. Locals began to report friends and family to be missing. Upon police investigation it was discovered that the remains of the missing persons were found inside SCP-XXXX. The townsfolk then attempted to set fire to SCP-XXXX. But SCP-XXXX absorbed all fire into itself.

Initial exploration inside SCP-XXXX itself, it was discovered there are fourteen totals rooms: A fully furnished foyer past the main door, thirteen empty rooms and a boiler room where the body of the missing owner was found. Bodies of the missing locals were found in various rooms. No props, sets, or costumes attributed to a standard haunted house can be found within. Cameras with live camera feeds to the surveillance station have been set up in every room.

While remaining inactive on all other days, SCP-XXXX demonstrates anomalous activity during the period between Sep 13 - Nov 13. Lights are visible from the porch and inside SCP-XXXX. Music described as "eerie" emanates from an unknown source. SCP-XXXX appears to be completely repaired back to its former glory. Strange noises can be heard within SCP-XXXX, which guards attribute to sound effects.

Entering SCP-XXXX person will find themselves in the foyer. The main door will appear to lock itself. Writing in blood appears on the wall with the following message “Prepare to face your deepest fears”. Depending on the entering individual or individuals each empty room of the house is filled with two or three sets corresponding to the subject’s worst fears. Each set is then filled with multiple entities or SCP-XXXX-1 based on these fears. Some rooms, if appropriate to the fear, have special effects such as strobe lights and fog machines; though sources for these special effects cannot be found. All this has been recorded from the surveillance station.

Subject then leaves the foyer and enters the first room, which is the subject’s least significant fear. Subject needs to overcome this fear to continue to the next room. Venturing back is non-optional as the door leading back locks itself. As the subject journeys further into SCP-XXXX they begin to encounter more aggressive and hostile SCP-XXXX-1s. Each room also becomes increasingly more difficult to navigate as the subject will begin to encounter mazes or sensory deprivation situations all while trying to elude SCP-XXXX-1’s instances.

SCP-XXXX-1 will not kill the subject but rather subject them to prolong torment, though they are not above violently attacking the subject. Their main function appears to cause mental distress and mental deterioration in subjects.This continues until the subject mentally breakdown and begins to experience shock. Whichever instance of SCP-XXXX-1 is present it will then slowly kill the subject. After all subjects are dead, all SCP-XXXX-1 vanish as well as all sets, leaving the body to rot inside. To date only one person has successfully managed to make it all the way through SCP-XXXX.