Object #: SCP-6000

Object Class: Keter.

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-6000 is to be restrained in a room by his wrists, ankles, waist, and neck, with very bright lights covering all surfaces of the room. The subject is to be blindfolded, as to prevent damaging his eyes. These containment procedures are to only be removed in the event of the subject's full cooperation with testing procedures. Any tampering with the subject's containment procedures will be met with immediate termination of the personnel involved.

Description: SCP-6000 is a male human dressed in a blue, blood-stained hoodie, black slacks, and gray sneaker. Subject has brown hair and red eyes and is wielding a knife that can't be forcefully separated from his body. The subject goes by the name "Jimmy Casket" when asked who they are. All attempts to remove the knife, including severing the hand wielding it, has resulted in the appendage and knife disappearing from its place of containment and reappearing on the subject. The subject is normally compliant with all foundation questioning, but has occasionally attempted to escape during a "bloodlust" event, and is to be considered hostile during the time such an event occurs. High-Powered electrical charges seem to stun the subject long enough for re-containment.

Addendum 6000-1: Dr [REDACTED] suggested using SCP-6000 to get rid of troublesome D-Class personnel, the last time this was done, it initiated a "bloodlust" event, and attempted to escape the facility, re-contained successfully.

Addendum 6000-2: Dr [REDACTED] thought we could test the extent of its abilities. The test resulted in SCP-6000 escaping the facility successfully through a portal it opened with its knife, re-containment has yet to occur. SCP-6000 currently not in Foundation custody.