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Item#: SCP-

Object Class: Euclid

Special Containment Procedures: SCP- is to be kept in cold storage in order to keep SCP-'s film from degrading any further. SCP- is to only be removed for testing. If SCP- is played in a VCR without proper authorization MTF guards are to be sent to the location of the VCR and tape and are to retrieve the tape and kill any resistance. If SCP-'s film completely degrades it is to be classed as neutralized and the film will be sent for chemical break down.

Description: SCP- is an anomalous VCR tape. Written on a white piece of tape is: The VCR Portal. SCP- is mostly black in colour and has a considerable amount of damage to the outer shell, which is made of the same plastic as a standard VCR tape. SCP-'s Film degrades very quickly in heat and not very quickly in the cold. When SCP- is played in a VCR it opens a "portal" into SCP21. the portal is dark in colour and hovers at about 1/2 and inch over the television screen and is dark in colour. The inside of
2 is on average is about -5 degrees Celsius or about 23 degrees Fahrenheit. It is almost pitch black even if floodlights are on. The landscape seems to be rolling hills2 at this time, no life is inside SCP—2.

ADDENDUM—1 Discovery
SCP- was discovered on 2/1/18 following reports of "a magical VCR tape" SCP- was confiscated and brought to site [REDACTED] and put in cold storage.

An expedition on 2/5/18 of SCP
2 will determine how big the landscape is.

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