Agent █████ discovers SCP-XXXX in central [REDACTED].

Item #: SCP-XXXX

Object Class: Euclid

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-XXXX is to be contained in a airtight containment cube with lead-lined steel walls of side length 20 m at Provisional Site-138. An airlock and decontamination chamber are to be installed on the entrance to SCP-XXXX's containment area, and there is to be no other connection between the chamber's interior and the outside world. All personnel entering SCP-XXXX's containment cell for testing purposes are required to wear a hazardous environment protection suit with a built-in air supply, and must be medically screened prior to and following interaction with SCP-XXXX.

Any personnel that have come into direct contact with SCP-XXXX or SCP-XXXX-1 must be immediately terminated and the remains incinerated, followed by a full sterilization of Site-138 and full medical screening for all onsite personnel. If an instance of SCP-XXXX-1 breaches containment, it is to be terminated immediately.

Containment Procedures updated as of ██/██/20██: SCP-XXXX's containment chamber, including the airlock and decontamination hall, are to be fitted with multiple high-strength Scranton Reality Anchors, in order to slow the decay of SCP-XXXX. Should containment be breached, as defined by any event that exposes SCP-XXXX to the atmosphere outside its containment chamber, all onsite personnel are to be evacuated immediately to sealed saferooms within the site, where they are to remain until SCP-XXXX is re-contained. Once Mobile Task Force Theta-14 ("Sons of Scranton") are able to temporarily seal SCP-XXXX, whereupon the containment chamber can be repaired (if necessary) and resealed, all onsite personnel are to be screened for exposure to SCP-XXXX. No testing is to be conducted on SCP-XXXX that involves brute force, live weapons fire, or other destructive methods that may damage the object.

Containment Procedures updated as of ██/██/201█: SCP-XXXX is to be kept permanently suspended in liquid helium unless testing requires the chamber to be drained. Draining of SCP-XXXX's containment cell is only permitted during tests approved by Site Director ████ ████████. SCP-XXXX has been reclassified Euclid, as while SCP-XXXX-1 has been shown to hibernate in extreme cold, there is not enough information to conclude whether or not SCP-XXXX-1 will still be able to breach containment, the consequences of which would be catastrophic.

Description: SCP-XXXX is a dimensional anomaly first located in Central [REDACTED], by Agent ████ █████, following reports of an entire village1 being abandoned seemingly overnight, with no signs of a struggle. SCP-XXXX, which was located ███ m from the village, takes the shape of a large sphere with a radius of 5 m and the appearance of a distorted mirror. SCP-XXXX has so far proven immovable, making containment at an pre-existing site impossible. As a result, Provisional Site-138 has been established around SCP-XXXX under the guise of a "Super Chewy Pork" dog food factory.

Tests run on SCP-XXXX show that it is not made up of solid matter; rather, the anomaly appears to be a highly radioactive energy barrier that prevents entry to a pocket dimension, much like the one created by SCP-106. Several openings have been found in the barrier; however, and testing has begun on the inner mechanics of SCP-XXXX. The interior of the anomaly contains an unknown number2 of creatures with a similar appearance to insect larva, which appear to be able to survive indefinitely within SCP-XXXX without air or sustenance.. In addition, periodic temperature measurements have been recorded3 over a period of ██ years, showing a gradual temperature increase within the pocket dimension.

Updated as of ██/██/200█: Recent study of SCP-XXXX reveals that it is slowly decaying, causing the barrier to break down. As the barrier dissipates, specimens of SCP-XXXX-1 contained within the pocket dimension are able to escape into our universe in ever increasing numbers.


A specimen of SCP-XXXX-1. The creature shown is the larval form of the parasite, which had not acquired a human host, and was unable to develop further.

The creatures contained within SCP-XXXX, henceforth referred to as SCP-XXXX-1, are the larva of an unknown species of parasite which has only been shown to target humans4, and are of a similar size to standard fruit fly larva. SCP-XXXX-1 has been shown to survive temperatures well below -200oC, such as inside SCP-XXXX, by entering a state similar to hibernation, during which it does not require sustenance or oxygen to survive. It has been hypothesised that the [DATA EXPUNGED] radiation produced by SCP-XXXX-1 can be recycled by the parasite, which provides the energy the parasite requires to maintain organ function during hibernation. When not hibernating, SCP-XXXX-1 will seek out human beings and attach itself to the top of the skull, where it begins to feed on the host's brain matter. As SCP-XXXX-1 feeds on the host, it produces high levels of [DATA EXPUNGED] radiation, similar to the radiation produced by SCP-XXXX, that begin to slowly dissolve the host's internal organs into a nutrient-rich paste. Once SCP-XXXX-1 has completely devoured the [REDACTED] and the host's organs are unable to support it, SCP-XXXX-1 will kill its host and use the corpse as a cocoon while it begins metamorphosis. After five [REDACTED], SCP-XXXX-1, having metamorphosed into SCP-XXXX-2 emerges from the cocoon.


An instance of SCP-XXXX-2 created during testing. Image removed by order of O5-█.

SCP-XXXX-2 is the fully-developed stage of the SCP-XXXX-1 parasite, which all instances of SCP-XXXX-1 that are able to successfully feed will metamorphose into. SCP-XXXX-2 is an apex predator the size of a large dog, which preys on human beings and grows at a rate of ██% of its body mass per feeding. Compared to SCP-XXXX-1, SCP-XXXX-2 gives off ███% more [DATA EXPUNGED] radiation during feeding; enough to kill a human in ██ minutes of constant exposure. This radiation, if it does not kill the victim outright, will cause severe mutations, including rendering the host sterile and causing severe brain damage. SCP-XXXX-2 will also lay eggs in those it feeds on, which hatch into instances of SCP-XXXX-1 after [REDACTED] weeks. During feeding, SCP-XXXX-2 secretes two unidentified substances with a consistency similar to oil; the first substance is incredibly cold, and hardens within █ minutes, protecting SCP-XXXX-2's vital organs from harm. The second substance [DATA EXPUNGED], and begins to [DATA EXPUNGED] radiation with an extremely [REDACTED] wavelength, which causes neural degradation of all life forms within ███m. Those exposed to [DATA EXPUNGED] highly aggressive, ██ casualties before being neutralised.

Following a unanimous vote by the O5 Council, SCP-XXXX-2 has been designated a cognitohazard.
All testing on instances of SCP-XXXX-2 is henceforth forbidden. Human experimentation of SCP-XXXX-1 has been prohibited in order to minimise instances of SCP-XXXX-2.
Any instances of SCP-XXXX-2 are to be terminated immediately in order to prevent a potential VK-End-of-Humanity Scenario. All information regarding [DATA EXPUNGED] radiation has been restricted to personnel with Level 5 access.
- O5-█

Addendum XXXX-A:

<Begin Log, ██:██ pm>

███████ ████████, a villager exposed to SCP-XXXX, has been chained to a table. Dr Carlyle enters the cell and takes a seat opposite █████████. Dr Wilson and Director ████████ observing through a two-way mirror.

Dr Carlyle: Mr █████████? Call me Carlyle. I'm with an organisation investigating what happened to your village. I'd like to ask you a few questions. What were you doing [REDACTED] days ago, when the village was abandoned.?

███████ █████████: I do not [UNINTELLIGIBLE]. Why am I being held like this? You have no right. I demand my freedom.

Dr Carlyle: Mr █████████, I'm afraid we can't release you until you've answered my questions.

███████ █████████: I [UNINTELLIGIBLE]. I have very important work to do. Ask the others, I was in my workshop all day.

Dr Carlyle: We searched the village, including your place of residence. You are an accountant, Mr █████████.

███████ █████████: And? Your point is? Look, mister, I've told you all I know. I was busy that day, I didn't see anything going on. My family disappeared, so I went to look for them.

Dr Carlyle: I read your file, Mr █████████. You are unmarried. You have no children, your parents are dead, and your nearest cousin lives in Portugal.

███████ █████████: What file? Look, you've got the wrong man. All I want to do is get as far away from here as possible.

Dr Carlyle: And why is that?

███████ █████████: Why wouldn't I? If I stay here, all I've got is an empty town and you freaks. I wanna travel the world, see the sights.

Dr Carlyle: I've heard enough, Mr █████████.

Agent █████ and Agent █████████ escort ███████ █████████ from the cell, and return with ████ ███████.

Dr Carlyle: Miss ███████? No need to worry, this is all just a precaution. Call me Carlyle. Now, I just need to ask you some questions before we can determine whether or not it would be safe to release you.

████ ███████: Look, Carlyle, was it? I've been over this before to the men who brought me here. I don't know anything. I'm tired, hungry, and really freaked out.

Dr Carlyle: I understand, Miss ███████, but we need as much information as you're willing to remember. After that, we'll give you a nice warm meal, a place to rest your head, and you'll be out of here in no time. How does that sound?

████ ███████: Skip the meal and sleep, the sooner I'm out of here the better.

████ ███████ sighs deeply, before reaching over the table and taking Dr Carlyle's hand.

████ ███████: Please. If I tell you everything I can remember, will you let me go?

Dr Carlyle nods, before trying to pull his hand away. ████ ███████ releases her grip.

████ ███████: Well, the day everything went to shit… It was a Sunday. Late afternoon. Most people weren't working, and church had already been, so a lot of the village was just keeping to themselves at home. Including me. I'm currently… Sorry, I was renting a house with another woman. Couldn't afford the place on my own, and wouldn't have needed the whole house anyway. She worked at the cafe to make ends meet, so she was out at work that afternoon. Me? I had weekends off. Spent my Sunday curled up in my room, asleep or otherwise. By the time I got up to get dinner, I noticed none of the lights were on. It was dark out, but not a single light to be seen in any of the windows. I walked outside to see what was going on, and I heard a scream. So I followed it. I kept hearing these same three voices, all saying the same thing. "Run." I ran after them, tried to see what was going on, and I got lost. Then you found me. That's all I know. Please. Let me go, Carlyle. Please.

Dr Carlyle: So, you're saying you were just at home, preoccupied, and went outside to find the place abandoned?

████ ███████: Yes, I told you that. When do I get to leave?

Dr Carlyle: Well, Miss ███████, I have to check if what you said was accurate. I have to see if it matches up with the other villagers' accounts, or it might not be safe out there for you.

████ ███████: No! Let me go!

████ ███████ grabs Dr Carlyle's arm and pulls him onto the table. ███████ headbutts Dr Carlyle several times before losing consciousness. Agents █████ and ██████████ enter the cell.

Agent █████: ███████'s stable. Unconscious, but the worst thing she's got out of this is a headache.

Agent ██████████: Dr Carlyle? Carlyle, get up!

Dr Carlyle groans, before shakily rising to his feet. Agent ██████████ supports Dr Carlyle on the way to the infirmary, as Agent █████ secures ███████. Director ████████ is escorted to safety.

<End Log, ██:██ pm>

Closing statement: All villagers, when questioned, gave the same cover story. They were alone at home before the disappearance, and went to look for their friends and relatives. All villagers expressed a desire to be free, and as far away from the village as possible, before turning aggressive when these requests were denied. ████ ███████ appeared to have undergone severe cranial trauma, and was unable to recall anything since [REDACTED] days before the disappearance, including attacking Dr Carlyle. Posthumous testing of ████ ███████ revealed she was the only villager without an instance of SCP-XXXX-1 using her as a host.

Addendum XXXX-B - SCP-XXXX Test Log:

Test #1 - ██/██/199█

Subject: D-18731
Procedure: Following containment of SCP-XXXX, D-18731 was instructed to touch the object. D-18731 reported severe burning pains throughout his body. D-18731 then measured the temperature of the containment cell and the outer surface of SCP-XXXX, both of which measured at 2█oC. D-18731 became extremely ill █ hours later, and expired ██ hours after exposure to SCP-XXXX.
Analysis: D-18731's corpse was found to be highly radioactive, although the radiation was not known to the Foundation. Further testing revealed the radiation to be similar to [DATA EXPUNGED]. D-18731's corpse was later incinerated, and decontamination methods put in place.

Test #2 - ██/██/199█

Subject: D-18915
Procedure: D-18915 was equipped with a hazardous environment protection suit and instructed to take a sample from the surface of SCP-XXXX using a small set of tools. D-18915 was unable to damage SCP-XXXX.
Analysis: It has been hypothesized that SCP-XXXX is constructed from an extremely hard mineral, as D-18915's tools were not capable of damaging it.

Test #3 - ██/██/199█

Subject: D-18915
Procedures: D-18915 was given a chisel and a diamond-tipped drill, commonly used to shape gemstones, and instructed to damage D-18915. When the drill made contact with SCP-XXXX, the power pack exploded, killing D-18915.
Analysis: Testing of SCP-XXXX with electronic equipment halted.

Test #4 - ██/██/199█

Subject: D-18974
Procedures: D-18974 was ordered to inspect SCP-XXXX for damage. D-18974 was able to fit a screwdriver through a whole in SCP-XXXX produced by the explosion.
Analysis: Further testing on SCP-XXXX has shown that the object can only be damaged by extreme force or heat. No samples were recovered, and testing that specifically involved damaging SCP-XXXX has been halted.

Test #5 - ██/██/199█

Subject: D-18974
Procedures: D-18974 was given several measuring tools and a small video camera attached to a narrow rod. D-18974 placed the camera into the hole made in SCP-XXXX, then took several measurements of the interior of the object.
Analysis: The interior of SCP-XXXX was found to contain very little air; the only air inside the object was hypothesized to have leaked in through the damage to the exterior. Furthermore, the interior of SCP-XXXX was measured at -374oC, and an unknown amount of maggot-like creatures were discovered inside. Creatures designated SCP-XXXX-1.

Test #██ - ██/██/199█

Subject: D-41098
Procedures: D-41098 was ordered to repeat Test #5, after the gap in SCP-XXXX was found to have widened to a radius of 5 cm. D-41098 found that the interior of SCP-XXXX had warmed to -316oC, and now had a much greater amount of oxygen within.
Analysis: SCP-XXXX appears to be warming up as its interior is exposed to the outside world. Study of SCP-XXXX-1 shows that more of the creatures are moving around within, suggesting that they hibernate in low temperatures.

Test #██ - ██/██/200█

Subject: D-67282
Procedures: Periodic measurements were taken on SCP-XXXX, and D-67282 was ordered to take three specimens of SCP-XXXX-1.
Analysis: Testing has begun on SCP-XXXX-1. SCP-XXXX continues to deteriorate, and the interior temperature was measured at -174oC.

Test #██ - ██/██/200█

Subject: Dr ████
Procedures: Dr ████ placed four Scranton Reality Anchors in SCP-XXXX's containment chamber, and took measurements regarding the breakdown of SCP-XXXX for █ months.
Analysis: The breakdown of SCP-XXXX was found to have slowed by █%. Following Dr ████'s recommendation, SCP-XXXX's containment procedures were updated. Testing has been officially halted without permission from Director ████ ████████, to prevent a containment breach caused as a result of the breakdown of SCP-XXXX.

Test #██ - ██/██/201█

Subject: D-83146
Procedures: D-83146 was given recording equipment and ordered to enter SCP-XXXX. D-83146 was unable to venture more than 1.5 m into the pocket dimension, due to the sheer number of SCP-XXXX-1 instances that blocked his path. Over ███ parasites latched onto D-83146's hazardous environment protection suit prior to his exit. Airlock was purged with fire, incinerating D-83146 and all specimens of SCP-XXXX-1.
Analysis: Following Dr Wilson's recommendation, testing has been closed indefinitely, and containment procedures have been updated.