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Item #: XXXX-"The Magic of Disguise"

Object Class: Euclid

Special Containment Procedure: Aerial surveillance of SCP:XXXX's location is to be be done at all times.
If a thick fog manifests over the location, a ground unit is to be deployed to subdue SCP:XXXX.
No harm is to be done the subject, in doing so will result in immediate termination. Tampering with local wild life, under any circumstances, will have tha same result.
The location of SCP:XXXX, designated SCP:XXXX-1 or inproperly "Hy-Brasil" should be monitored for both seismic and geographical anomalies.
All Attempts to remove SCP:XXXX from this location have all resulted in cataclysmic events, such as hurricanes, earthquakes, tsunamis, and ████████. No further removal attempts are to be conducted.

Description: SCP:XXXX apears to be an elderly man, of Unknown descent. The subject's "habitat" is currently located ██km from the coast of Ireland.
All attempts to communicate with SCP:XXXX have failed, due to the Subject speaking a language that is not known to match any known language.
The Subject is said to have have paranormal abilities, among these is the ability to change the location of the island.
It is not known why the Subject does this, or if the cataclysm related to SCP:XXXX's departure from the island is intentional.
During it's departure it shows increasing anxiety and nervousness. Within an hour of Subject detainment, it will start whimpering and crying. At this time, anomalies will appear within a ██km radius, anomalies will become increasingly dangerous, leading to the destruction of transport vessel.
The power this SCP contains is unknown.
Too little is know about SCP:XXXX to label it as Keter, but this subject has shown that it can move an entire ███x███km island, as well as cause mass destruction, Keter class reassignment may be imminent.

Former locations of SCP:XXXX-1 Include:
███km S from Sri Lanka
████km E from Bermuda
█km N from Scotland