John Blood

Item #: SCP-xxxx


SCP-xxxx in an activated state

Object Class: Euclid

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-xxxx is to be kept in a sound proofed, climate controlled room, kept within a sealed, air tight glass case that is lit with a spotlight at all times when not in use by testing personnel. The spotlight in the containment must be kept on at all times so as to prevent it from entering its active state. If the spotlight fails, personnel sent to maintain the containment are to be instructed to wear ear protection to prevent the object from inspiring them to remove it from its containment.

Description: SCP-xxxx is a curved, stylized one handed long sword, vaguely resembling a scimitar in shape. Its blade is approximately 1 meter in length and 5 cm in width, weighing exactly 2.5 kilograms. With a protective hilt made of what seems to be Corinthian bronze, its handle is a white core wrapped in brown cured leather.

The blade itself seems fairly ordinary aside from the stylized patterns embedded in the metal of the blade, similar to damascus steel patterns, that has been as of yet not been connected with any existing or extinct civilization. The metal itself that the blade is made out of does not match any metal found on earth and indeed, it seems to be a complex alloy that has not yet been identified. The swords handle has been proven to be made out of ivory from an elephant tusk and shows no obvious signs of wear or degradation. The leather wrapping of the handle is very precisely woven and it reveals the white ivory core with its cork screw pattern underneath it.

The blade has exhibited properties of being able to vibrate at high frequencies when swung, or struck at a target, it has been completely unable to be used on any living being, as it will phase through them as if the blade was not there at all. Objects and inanimate matter however, be it steel, concrete or reinforced titanium gets sliced with ease. The blade lets out a consistent and very audible, silent hum when placed near a light source. Subjects placed within the same room with SCP-xxxx report feeling "secure and safe" when left alone with the object while it hums. When the light source is extinguished, the blade will begin to glow and the hum of the blade intensifies, it has been reported by test subjects that the blade speaks to them in a calming and very encouraging voice that inspires the subject to pick up the blade. Analysis of video and audio recording of these encounters reveal nothing out of the ordinary registered in the data. Leaving the researchers to believe that the blade and any subject with the blade are somehow psychically linked while left alone. Subjects that are questioned after these encounters report that the voice that spoke to have inspired them and that they felt "invincible" while holding the weapon. The subjects exposed to the blade are rehabilitated and healed. All behavior and characteristics considered detrimental is removed from them, regardless of what it was, be it drug addiction or injury and fatal illness. Subjects exposed to SCP-xxxx always emerge in near perfect physical health regardless their condition prior to the encounter.

Subjects injured while holding SCP-xxxx regenerate at an accelerated rate and are even rejuvenated to their prime if the subject is in a ripe old age and detoxed in seconds if they were suffering from a substance abuse high during the encounter. All subjects exhibit a personality that deviates from their own while holding the weapon, indicating that SCP-xxxx is capable of controlling those that hold it, interviews with subjects affected like this report that this was voluntary on their part. Saying that the holder must agree to be controlled and are not forced into being controlled by the personality housed within SCP-xxxx dubbed SCP-xxxx-2. When in control SCP-xxxx-2 speaks in a polite, and calm manner, despite of the circumstance it or its host are in. never showing signs of distress, fatigue or discomfort. SCP-xxxx-2 is unusually unresponsive towards any negative action taken against it and seems to have an intimate knowledge of most languages, as it has been interviewed in many current languages, even some currently extinct languages. It was also found that SPC-xxxx-2 is capable of apporting the sword from the possession of the wielder, presumably anywhere it needs it to be. This process of apportation is incredibly luminous and loud, and will blind the individual looking upon it, and rupture the ear drums of anyone within range.

The voice that speaks to the subjects identifies itself as [DATA EXPUNGED] to its holder, leaving the researchers to believe that this might be the sword of [DATA EXPUNGED] described in scripture. The blade has also the ability to cleave shadow as if it was actual matter. The shadow that is struck is visibly damaged and cast away until the blade leaves the possession of its wielder. SCP-xxxx is being considered as a countermeasure for SCP-[DATA EXPUNGED] and SCP-[DATA EXPUNGED]-2 in case of a containment breach.

Acquisition Log: SCP-xxxx was found in [DATA EXPUNGED] Iraq during, an archaeological excavation of what was believed to be the ruins of [DATA EXPUNGED]. It was housed within a stone enclosure with a pedestal made of marble and one opening in the ceiling letting in sunlight, acting as a spotlight. It was brought to the attention of the foundation after its holder at the time boasted the abilities of miraculous healing, the subject was detained by locally embedded agents shortly after. Examination of the subject revealed nothing out of the ordinary but after an agent came into contact with the weapon and exhibited similar behavior, it was concluded that the weapon itself was the anomaly and was then brought to site-[DATA EXPUNGED] for further testing and containment.

After the incident SCP-xxxx-2-1998-A in which personnel in charge of analyzing SCP-xxxx was inspired to pick up SCP-xxxx and then controlled by the personality within the blade now dubbed SCP-xxxx-2, containment procedures had to be revised to include ear protection while interacting with or analyzing SCP-xxxx.

Incident SCP-xxxx-2-1998-A
On 21.6.1998 during analysis of SCP-xxxx, Dr.█████, reported hearing a slight hum while performing structural analysis on the metal of the blade. He was told to continue the analysis and upon picking up SCP-xxxx by its handle, SCP-xxxx-2 manifested 10 seconds later. The incident was recorded and the affected subject was promptly interviewed.

interviewed: Dr.█████/SCP-xxxx-2

interviewer: Dr.████

Foreword: Archival Recording.

Begin Log, 21.6.1998 12:55 pm

Dr.████: Hello Dr.█████

Dr.█████/SCP-xxxx-2: [looks around the interview room absent minded while grasping the sword in his left hand]

Dr.████: Do you understand what I'm saying to you?

Dr.█████/SCP-xxxx-2: Yes. I understand quite well.

Dr.████: Would you mind if I asked you some questions?

Dr.█████/SCP-xxxx-2: Not at all. I do so enjoy conversation.

Dr.████: Can you explain to me what has happened to Dr.█████?

Dr.█████/SCP-xxxx-2: The good Doctor simply agreed to allow me to use him. This is very useful as I saw it necessary to get my bearings. This place holds many things that ought to stay away from mortal hands.

Dr.████: Are you referring to the other SCP's?

Dr.█████/SCP-xxxx-2: Yes. Objects of power that were not meant to be found, corruption of flesh and soul in physical form, benevolent, ambivalent, neutral and malevolent entities of varying shapes and sizes. You have collected them here, now I suppose, this includes My sword as well.

Dr.████: How do you know all of this exactly? Have you access to Dr.█████'s mind?

Dr.█████/SCP-xxxx-2: To answer your latter question, Yes. I do have access to his mind, but this is not necessary for me to know this. I feel these anomalous entities within this facility. Some of them disturb the very fabric of reality itself, and some are simply easy to spot due to them being living beings or…Undying. Vibrations on a level beyond mortal comprehension allows me to ascertain the nature of these anomalies. To put it in terms you'd understand, it is like an orchestra of music, except some instruments are clearly not performing the correct tune.

Dr.████: So you're intuitively aware of all things within this facility?

Dr.█████/SCP-xxxx-2: Not just within the facility. Within the entirety of the world. Human or otherwise, anomalous or mundane entities. There is one in particular I'm quite familiar with, the one you designate SCP-[DATA EXPUNGED]. Despite his vile inclinations, he's been around for a long… long time, as have I.

Dr.████: How are you able to control the person who wields the sword? And how do you even ensure that someone picks it up?

Dr.█████/SCP-xxxx-2: The song of light fuels the harmonics of the metal, Once the blade is deprived of light, it becomes active as it begins to expend a portion of the energy it has absorbed over the course of several millenia. This activation sounds to mortals as an audible hum, upon hearing it, they form a link between my presence and I am able to speak to them in a disembodied voice. They cannot locate the source of the sound as I am not located within your familiar 3 dimensional space. The sword acts then much like a receiver, a siphon which i can use to partially enter the wielder and assert myself into a dominant role. I do not control those unwilling to lend themselves to me.

Dr.████: During testing before the interview, we found that Dr.█████'s liver shows no more signs of alcoholic abuse, as he has been a problematic drinker for the past few years since beginning his job here, we found this quite Odd. Also Dr.█████ seems to have been returned to an age resembling him more in his [DATA EXPUNGED] effectively making him look physically [REDACTED] years younger than he should be. What is the purpose of this change?

Dr.█████/SCP-xxxx-2: All corruption and unnecessary substance is removed from the body and the body regenerated to perform at an optimal capacity as I enter it. A weak body is a liability I will not suffer. I believe I've let you indulge your curiosity for long enough, I shall now return to my holding cell.

[The blade suddenly glows brightly and hums very loudly and disappears from the room]

Dr.████: What the hell was that!? My eyes!

Dr.█████: Dr.████? What's going on? We're supposed to get a structural-..Hold on. Where are we? Why are we in the interview room?

Dr.████: I can't see! I can't hear anything. What the ████ just happened!
[He rubs his eyes in pain and yells profanities for the next 10 seconds as Dr.█████ escorts him to the infirmary]

End log, 21.6.1998 1:02pm

Closing Statements: The debriefing of Dr.████ revealed that his ear drums had ruptured and his retina had been cauterized during SCP-xxxx's disappearance. Search of the facility revealed that it had returned to its containment. Study of the video footage of SCP-xxxx's containment revealed it appeared in a flash of light out of nowhere Dr.█████ retained no memory of the incident when questioned about his awareness of being controlled by SCP-xxxx-2. He reported feeling better than he had ever felt since he was in his early adulthood. Finding out that his body had rejuvenated made him quite cheerful.