The 'Screamer' - Made by John Coptus

Item #: SCP-2381

Object Class: Euclid Keter

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-2381 is contained in a 5x5 meter zone with 10 meter thick walls to reduce the severity of the sound it causes. At no time is any operative permitted to enter the room unless specifically advised to do so. One member must be stationed approximately 20 meters away from the room, positioned within a sound-deafening area, with a memetic kill hazard prepared in case of a breach from SCP-2381. The operative at all times must assure that no unauthorised subject enters the 100 meter radius around the object's cell. If any unattended subject enters or attempts to enter the containment cell, immediate termination of said subject must occur through the use of lethal gas poisoning.

Subjects under the effect of SCP-2381 are relocated to a quarantined environment within 10 minutes after being exposed to the object's sound. At least a seven day period must be undertaken to ensure all potential effects of SCP-2381 are not evident. IF under any circumstances there is a containment breach, the [REDACTED] sector of the facility must be destroyed under the command of an O5 council member.

Description: SCP-2381 is a wooden door framed with metallic strips on the exterior edges. The door stands approximately 2 meters in height and is the singular matter evident. This object was located in the desolate mountain regions of [REDACTED]. At all times the object is emitting a high frequency sound, able to extend up to approximately 20 meters from its initial location. If any given person hears the sound, they are induced to walk towards the object, ultimately being manipulated to open it. Within the door lies another space entirely. The interior is styled as a 1930s room accompanied by a fireplace, two small chairs, a rug, and smaller objects lying around the environment. Importantly, within the space, another door lies at the opposite end of the room. After being within the space for 60 seconds, the other door will proceed to open, leading to the one light randomly turning on and off at unknown intervals. During this short period, SCP-2381-1 will progressively exit the other door and move towards the subject(s) within the room. SCP-2381-1 is an entity approximately 1.95m in height, and appearing like a decayed corpse with black cracked skin on its exterior. During its 'chase', its jaw will be largely extended to that unable to be performed by any human, and its back is hunched to the point in which its size is drastically reduced by half a meter. It is apparent that the entity does not contain any vital organs whatsoever, and its only noted features is its empty eyes sockets, nostril remains, and mouth. Any individual who hears the sound emitted by SCP-2381, or views SCP-2381-1 will have an unknown time to live. After any individual hears the sound emitted, attempts to prevent death without lethal force have been unsuccessful. Regardless of location, within or outside of SCP-2381, the entity will have complete and utter knowledge of the subject's location, and will almost teleport within a 10 meter radius of said person. During this phase in which SCP-2381-1 is moving freely, it will attempt to find other humanoid entities; after accomplishing its previous objective; to have them experience the sound; resulting in the same 'hunting' like effect.

Whilst SCP-2381-1 is chasing any certain individual, it will emit the sound as it moves, having it progressively increase in range by 10 meters every 10 seconds. Until the entity is incapable of locating any other humanoid for 10 minutes, will it return to SCP-2381. Even in the circumstances in which the entity only acknowledges personnel within the object, for the 10 minute phase, it will still leave the door and seek out any nearby humanoid. Even through the use of cameras or images, SCP-2381-1 can recognise the viewer.