John Tennant 3

Item #: SCP-████ The curse of King Midas

Object Class: Keter

Special Containment Procedures:SCP-████ is to be contained in a vacuum sealed 3m diameter Bio-hazard container in a containment chamber 3m-2m-2m located in site-█, and is not to be interacted with without level-█ hazmat suits. SCP-████'s containment chamber is to be monitored for changes at all time and is to be transferred to a new container every other month to prevent a containment breach. SCP-████ should never be used for any form of testing unless approved by 05 command. All objects (including hazmat suits) are to be immediately incinerated upon leaving SCP-████'s containment chamber. Routine checks of SCP-████'s containment chamber are to be run periodically every other day by no less than 3 D-class personnel at a time. SCP-████ was discovered on █-██-████ in an abandoned farmhouse covered in golden statues of people and farm animals as well as some random objects (SCP████-2 and SCP-████-3). SCP-████ was contained and transported to site-█ where upon arrival it breached its temporary containment and caused the death of a small MTF unit led by [REDACTED]. Any sign of golden build up on the surfaces of SCP-████'s containment are to be reported to 05 command following a lock down of the facility. are to immediately reported to 05 command following the lock down of the facility. SCP-████ is not to be used as a form of making money as it is extremely dangerous any member of the facility who attempts to interact with SCP-████ outside of maintenance will face severe consequences up to demotion to D-class.

Description: SCP-████ is a heavily complex and dangerously infectious air, and waterborne virus that is constantly shifting its genome making it impossible to find a cure aside from SCP-500 and SCP-427. SCP-████ can be contracted through any form of contact, once contracted SCP-████ will slowly turn its victim (now known as SCP-████-1) into gold (total time for conversion is yet to be determined as it varies between victims). Anyone who is touched by SCP-████-1 will contract SCP-████-2 (a much more hyperactive form of SCP-████) and instantaneously be transformed into solid gold after which the instance of SCP-████-2 will die and become safe to handle this effect is irreversible. Any inanimate object touched by SCP-████-1 ( this is known as an instance of SCP-████-3) will turn into solid gold and become completely noncontagious the effect of which is ls also irreversible.