Der Soldat
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Item #:SCP-(#)-1

Object class:safe

Location of SCP-(#)`s containment.

Containment Procedures:SCP-(#)-1 is to be kept in a standard humanoid housing unit. Meals are to be provided three times a day. A set of drawing material, including paper,as well as a historical encyclopedia of the 20th and 21st century is to be provided on SCP-(#)-1`s request.
Since SCP-(#)-1 shows great will of cooperation, he is allowed to move freely in all noncritical areas of the site.
SCP-(#)-1`s housing unit is to be guarded by at least two armed guards at all times.

SCP-(#)-1 is a caucasian male of german descent and ca. 20 years of age.
He has brown hair, cut in fashion of WWII german infantrymen and pale grey eyes. His pupils are significantly reduced in size and react only sporadically to changes in lighting.
The number 66 is tatooed behind SCP-(#)-1`s left ear, as well as a small image of the iron cross.
He is otherwise indifferent from any other Human male.
SCP-(#)-1 is fluent in german, english, french and russian.

SCP-(#)-1 was found in an abandoned villa in the outskirts of Daugavpils/Latvia.
Foundation agents embedded within the latvian law enforcement intercepted reports of a confused, young man in WWII russian military clothes, threatening bypassers with an semi-automatic rifle.
A team of ten (10) field agents was dispatched and were successful in subdueing the target.
Once briefed of his situation, SCP-(#)-1 was cooperative and agreed to be questioned in the nearest Foundation-FOB. For the full log of the interview, see

Addemdum (#)-1: Incident (#)-1
At 0715, ██-██-████, SCP-(#)-1 attacked four armed guards in the cafeteria of Site-██.
One of the guards, Agent ███, answered in a conversation, in russian to one of his colleagues during their break.
SCP-(#)-1 who was casually chatting with Agent ██████ at the time, presumably noticed this and stopped answering her.
He then approached Agent ███ and performed a complex martial-arts move on him. After that, he proceeded to break Agent ███`s right arm and lower jaw in hand to hand combat.
When the other three guards tried to subdue SCP-(#)-1, he wrested the sidearms from two of them and proceeded to shoot all three in the upper leg and abdomen.
Agent ██████ then eliminated SCP-(#)-1 by planting three shots in his back.
All four agents are expected to make a full recovery.

Addemdum (#)-2
SCP-(#)-1 has shown remarkable abilities to regenerate physical damage. The three bulletwounds inflicted by Agent ██████ have completely healed while SCP-(#)-1 was transported to Site-██`s infirmary. He was transported back into his quarters and awoke fourteen (14) hours later with no memory of the incident.